Fans noticed Lera Kudryavtseva rounded tummy

Поклонники заметили у Леры Кудрявцевой округлившийся животик The TV presenter, congratulations on second pregnancy. Lera Kudryavtseva itself prefers not to comment on the interesting position. Previously, the star has repeatedly said that he wants to give the spouse the baby.
Поклонники заметили у Леры Кудрявцевой округлившийся животик

Lera Kudryavtseva and hockey player Igor Makarov have been married for five years. The couple never gave reason to doubt the strength of their relationship. Moreover, the presenter does not get tired to tell the elect of love, noting in all the interviews that I had found the man of my dreams.

Fans of the star couple for many years waiting for the presenter will give your partner a baby. And now, it seems that time is coming soon. One of the last photos of Lera noticeable rounded tummy. Fans rushed to congratulate all lovers with such a joyous event and wish them happiness.

“Chaser tummy. How beautiful! I heartily congratulate your couple, My sincere congratulations! Lera, good luck to you”, “What wonderful news and you both literally radiate happiness,” wrote a pair of fans under their joint photo.

Now Lera and Igor are in Rome. Spouses have time not only to relax but also to visit various events. By the way, some fans of the presenter condemned her for her journey in an interesting position. In the opinion of the subscribers, such activity can hurt the baby. She Kudryavtseva, apparently not worried about it. She enjoys the holiday and the company of my beloved husband.

Meanwhile, fans of the star couple have already started to make assumptions about the gender of the future baby. Many believe that the TV presenter gives birth to a girl. She already has a son Jean, who recently turned 28 years old, so she’s probably and she wants to light there is little.

Previously Kudryavtseva has repeatedly admitted that she was very lucky with my husband. Despite the large age difference, the couple adore each other and often devote a touching Instagram posts to each other. So, a couple of months ago, she posted a candid shot with the participation of Igor, sharing feelings.

“6 years old telling you “I love you” almost every day! Well, in rare cases, say when enraged. Let every man in this world will find your soul mate, because only love has meaning and value! Without love — empty,” wrote the star on Instagram

The fans hope that after the baby is born spouses will become stronger. By the way, recently appeared the rumors about the breakup of the star couple. However, the long-awaited pregnancy Lera best way refutes them, confirming that the television personality and hockey all happy together.