Ilya Yabbarov decided on a DNA test

Илья Яббаров решился на ДНК-тест The star of “House-2” believes that a daughter was born from him. According to Jabbarov, ex-wife could cheat on him. Ilya wants to find out the truth about the relationship with Vladislava, which he left many years ago.
Илья Яббаров решился на ДНК-тест

The former participant “Houses-2” Ilya Yabbarov going to find out whether Vladislav is his daughter. He had a bad breakup with the mother of the child. He suffered from serious depression. Recently Jabbarov received information that his ex-wife could be not true. That is why he plans to do a DNA test.

“Our mutual friends believe that ex-spouse had a baby with another man. As one telling about it. To be honest, I also have serious doubts crept in. In that moment, when the former became pregnant, I was constantly on business trips. We had not yet been painted, but immediately after the news of the near completion and she and my mother-in-law began to insist on the registration of marriage. Now you see, the true father of the child really may not be me,” said Yabbarov.

Previously, the entertainer was accused that he does not pay child support to the family. Ilya argued that will return all the money he owed and swore to see the child. It was rumored that amounts to 260 thousand rubles. He left Vladislav, when she was little. Now the girl goes to school.

Yabbarov is not very honest. So, during the affair with Elina Kowalska he made a bargain for yourself Scam. The girl paid child support for him. “I had a family, child, complexity. Had no money to pay, I believe, 200 thousand. It was necessary to extinguish. Elina has the tools that she offered me. This is the only time it really helped. Within a month I gave Elina. The duty of child support is now closed, it’s gone,” said Yabbarov.

Recently, the entertainer asked forgiveness of Vladislava in the letter, which published one of the editions. However, no sincere words addressed to the daughter will not affect his decision about DNA research.

“It’s important for me to know the truth. I want to understand my daughter or not. It is difficult to say, how to behave, if it turns out that I am not the father. One thing is for sure – my relationship to Vladislav that will not change. I raised her for two years, she grew in my eyes, so the girl will always be like family to me,” – said Yabbarov in an interview Dom2life.

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