Alexander Yatsenko changed after the death of his parents

Александр Яценко изменился после смерти родителей Last year the star of the movie “Arrhythmia” has lost a loved one. According to Alexander Yatsenko, his father was heavily influenced by the death of his wife, so he did not try to cling to life. The actor admitted that he had changed the way you perceive the world after the tragic events.
Александр Яценко изменился после смерти родителей

The star of the movie “Arrhythmia” and the series “the Thaw” 40-year-old Alexander Yatsenko is one of the most popular Russian actors. He recently gave an interview in which he told about quarrels with his wife Mary, his son and the relationship with their parents.

Yatsenko’s father passed away last year. Alexander grieved at his death. The artist remembered about the last days of a loved one, passed in his native Volgograd. According to Yatsenko, the old man could lick the loss of his wife.

“Daddy had a third stroke, and I went to see him in Volgograd. My sister and I spent two weeks in the hospital. Then dad was discharged, I went to Moscow began to appear, and fourth of April, the house he died. After mom died he was much missed, – said the actor. – At some point in the hospital I told him hugging: “dad, hold on!”and he grabbed me by the hand, moved to his ear and said, “I don’t want” — with the accent on the first syllable. For some reason, at the end of his life he began to speak as the grandmother with the grandfather with the Kuban Cossack dialect”.
Александр Яценко изменился после смерти родителей

Parent of Alexander had time to play with the grandson, but not for long. The man spent with the child only three days, when,. with his wife came to Volgograd. According to the actor, the bereavement affected his attitude.

“Well, my sister has, she took over. Together we organized the funeral, and the Wake – recalls the actor. – Inevitably be different, because no one can say “Papa”, “Mama”.
Александр Яценко изменился после смерти родителей

The actor himself became a father in may 2015. His wife Mary bore him a son, Miroslav. Alexander tries to give the child all free time. The artist is a pleasure to observe how the baby grows and develops. According to Yatsenko, he likes to Wake up early together with Miroslav.

“We, now mum’s asleep, having a wonderful time – playing, chatting. He likes to check that everything is all right at home. In General, we immediately began a very active life. And I like it, I’m not tired, but rather because the son felt a surge of strength,” shared Alexander.

Relationship Yatsenko son did not come immediately. When Miroslav was very young, he was constantly crying in the arms of his father, therefore, spent more time with her mother. The actor was worried about that, but with time everything changed.

During the conversation with journalists Alexander also spoke about the quarrels with his wife. The artist did not hide that sometimes experiences disagreements in a relationship with Mary. According to Yatsenko, his wife is a very wise man and could get away, wait, if he sees that my husband is better not to approach. At some point, Alexander realizes that all is not right, and he comes to reconciliation with the beloved, said the actor