Илью Резника экстренно госпитализировали Ilya Reznik was supposedly urgently hospitalized in Moscow. As it became known to journalists, the composer started to have heart problems. After examination, the doctors took the decision to send the star to recover in the Guesthouse.
Илью Резника экстренно госпитализировали

Just a few months ago Ilya Reznik celebrated the 80th anniversary of the talking in interviews about how is his life. Now there is information about the sudden hospitalization of the poet. How did you find the journalists, the people’s artist started to have problems with the cardiovascular system.

After the emergency admission and full examination, doctors allegedly came to the conclusion that the butcher should undergo a rehabilitation course in one of the resorts near Moscow.

Earlier, Ilya Rahmielevich already had problems with health. Several years ago he suffered a heart attack, after which it became much less likely to appear in public. Despite deteriorating health, the poet still continued to work, wrote new texts, and occasionally visited the television show.

In addition, the butcher often had problems with the pressure, racked and arthritis. In 2015 the poet was hospitalized, found he had internal bleeding. Then the life of the famous artist saved the case: because of a broken toe, he turned to doctors, who on examination found that Ilya Rahmielevich is in critical condition.

“In the infirmary, the nurse said that until I examine Elijah, to call “ambulance”. And I don’t even know how to call. In the end, came in three carriages. Poisoning and heart attack dropped immediately. I didn’t understand why we all ask for coffee grounds. And then it turned out that the night Ilya was a huge stomach bleeding and it looks like coffee grounds”, — shared, then details of the poet’s wife Irina Romanova.

In recent years, Resnick was worried because of the long-standing quarrel with Alla Pugacheva. There were even rumors that because of the discussion of this conflict on television, the famous poet and had a heart attack. When Ilya Rahmielevich was in debt, that Donna came to his aid.

Alla Pugacheva saved by Ilya Reznik from the financial crisis

“We sold my old apartment and in order to save the house on the ruble. And then one day the phone rang and on the other end Alla. She learned about our situation and gave a cash gift. The sum I will not name, but she was very decent. We all have enough. Even left for a vacation in the United Arab Emirates. Sunbathed and ate for many years to come,” — said the wife of the butcher in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

In April 2018, the fans saw their idol in the programme “Tonight”, timed to his 80th anniversary. Then Reznik seemed incredibly cheerful and happy. He gladly shared memories of the brightest events of his life.

TV channel “REN-TV” has not yet reported, when it was a admission of the people’s artist of Russia, and where he is now undergoing rehabilitation. However, fans hope that the poet in the very near future will return home and continue to do.