Александр Гобозов: «Хочу еще детей» After breaking up with Allianoi hero of the reality show returned to the perimeter, hoping to build a love. Alexander Gobozov had an affair with Olga Zharikova, and when the Seychelles flew ex-wife, it could not be determined. Now party preclude reunification with the mother of his son.
Александр Гобозов: «Хочу еще детей»

For anybody not a secret that many ex-participants of the project “DOM-2” does not see his life without reality show and so back to regain its former popularity. 35-year-old Alexander Gobozov wants to continue to be under the eye of the many cameras he’s going to be the editors of the program and believes that he has a lot of creative ideas.

However, while he is not allowed to implement their ideas. And he’s come up with a variety of productions that could attract viewers. So, the other day he tried to arrange a date Olga Buzova and Roman Gritsenko, who for several months has been trying to win the heart of the presenter.

“I came up with for Roman Gritsenko a meeting of Olga Buzova. Offered to arrange a joust with a fanfare – in General, all large-scale. Roma to beat them all, stood in front of Olya on knees and told: “You are my Queen, I will do everything that your life was a fairy tale”. Liked the idea, but the problem was with the budget and time,” – said Gobozov.
Александр Гобозов: «Хочу еще детей»

But in addition to work as editor of the program Alexander engaged in network marketing. He’s glad he found himself and his calling – until he sees himself in any other business.

 Olga Buzova left the show because of a quarrel with boyfriend

Gobozov first appeared before the viewers 12 years ago, but then was not able to build long-term relationships with any of the favorite girls. He left telestroke, but came back in 2013, full of confidence that this time he’ll have better luck – it still will meet the one with whom create family. Fortuna smiled at him – he began to care for Allianoi Ustinenko. Despite the rapid novel and the birth of a son Robert, a couple only lasted two years. In 2015 they divorced.

“I have all crumbled when crumbled my family, when we parted with Allianoi. And the timing was great. I left Eliane: rewrote business, apartment, car. Started from scratch: developing a business, parents moved to the suburbs,” – said Gobozov.
Александр Гобозов: «Хочу еще детей»

Alexander rules out the possibility that someday he and Aliana will reconcile and be together. Recently, the participant “House-2” admitted in an interview with Woman’s Day that seeks to find new love and start a family. “I’m ready, if I have a girlfriend. I want more children,” – said Gobozov.