Розу Сябитову обманули рабочие Two years the star of the show “let’s get married” is trying to build a “family nest”. Sabitova bought a large plot near Moscow. All the rules made there Foundation for the future of the house, but workers found rose was not pure on a hand, so she had to expel them.
Розу Сябитову обманули рабочие

Several years ago, the host of the show “let’s get married,” bought a large plot near Moscow. First, she made a Foundation for the future of the mansion, gave him a year to “settle”, and only then was an idea to build a large high quality home. The star dreamed of a “family nest”, which would have stood for decades and was a real cozy mansion for all her family members.

However, during the construction process, Rose has repeatedly tried to cheat by unscrupulous workers. So, despite the wish of the hostess to finish repairs in the near future, deadlines are postponed all the time, and sometimes the materials have mysteriously disappeared. In the end, house was never finished.

Such things Sabitova does not suit, so she made an important decision that dismissed the foreman and builders, and he plans to personally build the mansion with the children.

“If you want, to do it well, do it yourself – says the proverb. I did a massive purge – fired the superintendent, dispersed the builders. Now I’m going to build a frame house, to learn all phases of construction. What has left my builders? In principle, the whole house is already built. He is already under the roof, we began to insulate – that’s what they had to do. We already have a terrace, balcony. Still a lot of work, but the schedule of our construction site we are on! Russian woman can prove she can not only bear children, but also knows how to build a good house! And the kids will help me in this”, – said the leading.

Daughter Xenia Sabitova appointed “right hand” – the girl responsible for the accounting and delivery of building materials. And son Denis became a common laborer. Famous matchmaker plans to become a superintendent, who will bring to life all the ideas of a professional designer, created the interior for the “family nest.”

Rose did not specify whether or not to help her new partner named Renat, a novel which the main teleshko trying to advertise. But earlier presenter said she plans to get married, tidy appearance.

“To build a tribal house – my dowry. Rejuvenate yourself as possible. To play their wedding. On the construction of the house will tell in detail all summer, and rejuvenation takes time and good clinic,” said rose.

We will remind, Sabitova decided to postpone the wedding to 56-year-old businessman, Renat, since both live in two countries.

“We Renat consulted and came to the conclusion that the us stamps in the passport is not needed, because you will have to get a prenup, get a lawyer, and this extra spending. I’m on the triumph of the daughter Ksenia in 2015 had spent so much, still holes in the budget is not patched. So will practice offering marriage,” admitted Sabitova.