Сергей Зверев хочет переехать за границу к любовнице Recently the famous stylist celebrated the anniversary. However, the holiday is Sergei Zverev was marred by some events: the death of a close friend in a scandal with his son and ex-lover, which requires the star to move in with her abroad.
Сергей Зверев хочет переехать за границу к любовнице

Magnificent celebrations on the occasion of the holiday stylist to arrange did not become, because the last time his life wasn’t like the quiet Harbor. So, for a long time Sergey Zverev is at war with his adopted son over square meters of its luxury apartments, and recently, the king of glamor was attacked by ex-sweetheart, which requires that he moved in with her abroad.

As Sergey admitted his only salvation from the problems – Hiking, because the only way he can relax from the hustle and bustle.

“My ex-abroad have long lives. Persuades her to come, says to me there will be better,” – said Zverev.

Sergey also noted that the anniversary was greatly overshadowed by the death of Kazakh figure skater Denis ten – the athlete stabbed right in the birthday of stylist. On hearing this, the beast experienced a real shock, from which it can not recover until now. In addition to all the misfortunes of the persecuted artist conflicts with his adopted son, who does not want to make contact with his father, but actively participates in various talk shows.

Zverev said that it is brought and the local public utilities, which started a repair near the house where he lives. The next reconstruction gave the star a lot of inconvenience.

“The way I make a year a few times. Only recently laid fresh tarmac and once again started to dig. Now they will be all the area to break! Tell me, is it right? How to launder money now? Per year several times asphalt! How can I?” – outraged the singer.

Zverev is trying not to advertise personal life. However, as journalists found out, the star was ex-lover, which is now inciting him to move in with her abroad. Sergei himself does not exclude the possibility to move abroad, but not always, and only for a couple of weeks to unwind, because life in another country, he is not.

“I’m not ready to emigrate abroad, I have here all the relatives. I love Russia. Yeah, I’m here everybody knows. But neither in Milan nor in Paris, nor in London, I go too, I can not calm. I attack the fans. Once abroad, getting to the toilet, see already steam coming from the urinal. And then two dudes fit: “Sergey, we – your fans. Can you take a selfie?” – said the stylist in an interview with “Interlocutor”.