Илья Глинников перенес операцию The protagonist of the new season of “the Bachelor” went under the surgeon’s knife. Ilya Glinnikov injured knee is still on the set of the show. However, the responsibility did not allow him to interrupt the work for the restoration of health.

      Илья Глинников перенес операцию

      Not long ago, the protagonist of the fifth season of “the Bachelor” admitted that he had suffered a serious injury. He told that he had torn ligaments in the knee joint, therefore it needs to go under the surgeon’s knife. However, for the sake of filming the actor has postponed the surgery. He didn’t want to take all of the makers of the reality show, and disappoint the viewers who are watching with interest the progress of the program. Ilya Glinnikov was seriously injured because of his girlfriend

      Today, however, Ilya has published in the microblog, where he is depicted in a wheelchair. The left knee artist recorded by a special bus. Apparently, Glinnikov decided on surgery to restore health.

      “Got new wheels. Will leave on vacation” – so signed Glinnikov photo.
      Илья Глинников перенес операцию

      However, fans are unable to Express our sympathy to their favorite actor, because the bachelor chose to close the publication. Probably there would be many people who would be able to maintain a pleasant words Glinnikov during the rehabilitation period. Apparently, the operation was successful, and soon the actor will fully recover.

      Many have noted the courage of Elijah, who had overcome the pain to continue shooting in the project. Some have even suggested that, probably, courage the actor gave the love that he experienced during the show. Glinnikov was recognized that such a sublime sense feeds his incredible energy.

      The last series of the show “the Bachelor” one of the girls who came to fight for the heart of a 32-year-old handsome, too, was injured. The journalist Lesya Ryabtseva during the party was injured. Ilya behaved like a real man immediately rushed to give the victim first aid. And then, leaving all the other member States, personally accompanied Ryabtsevo to the clinic. Many appreciate what Ilya and Lesya herself remained under pleasant impression from the attention of the bachelor, and used the opportunity to get to know the man.