Accused of fraud the sisters of Sberbank prepare for trial

Обвиняемые в мошенничестве сестры из Сбербанка готовятся к суду Girls believe that they have slandered. As reported by some publications, Maryam Dadashova and her sister Tamilla are suspected of fraud. The Bank conducted an investigation and have not confirmed this information.

    Обвиняемые в мошенничестве сестры из Сбербанка готовятся к суду

    The Russian newspaper reported that 26-year-old Maryam Dadashova and her sister Tamilla cashed from someone else’s account of 40 million rubles. According to some, both girls worked in the “savings Bank” and managed by fraudulent means to obtain access to the savings of the client. Alleged violators are decided almost immediately to spend the money.

    According to one newspaper, law enforcement officials detained the girls in the salon on sale of cars of Ferrari, where they went the day after cashing. As reported in police, the girls were preparing to buy a car one of the latest models. The investigators explained that Dadasheva interacted with legal entities and have access to customer accounts. Organization where sisters work, began his own investigation. How did you later find out information about the fraud was not confirmed.

    “This information is untrue. Any threat to the accounts of clients of “Sberbank” is not” – said a source in the credit organization.
    Обвиняемые в мошенничестве сестры из Сбербанка готовятся к суду

    According to the representative of the Bank security service together with police officers stopped the activities of a group engaged in the cashing.

    Dadasheva attracted the attention of the public. Girls think that they tried to compromise. Tamil posted on social networks a link to the official statement of the credit institution. Her followers joked that the way she organized a PR. Maryam does not want to leave unpunished the actions of one of its publications.

    “No, Ferrari was not, as there was no stolen money. This is an absolute lie. Slandered me, I’m going to sue. Leadership in shock and do not understand where this information. Maybe I’m someone crossed the road,” said Dadashova.

    Maryam holds the position of client Manager in one of the Moscow offices. Her younger sister worked in a similar position in another office. Both girls worked in the sector responsible for the maintenance of small business.