Olga Dykhovichnaya took the risk for the sake of Hollywood

Ольга Дыховичная пошла на риск ради Голливуда The actress spoke about working on a painting “Live”, released in late March. Together with Olga Dykhovichnaya in the blockbuster, which tells about the study of life on Mars, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson.

      Ольга Дыховичная пошла на риск ради Голливуда

      Four months Olga DYKHOVICHNY was hanging on the ropes and wore a 30-pound spacesuit is all this for filming the Hollywood blockbuster “Live”, which released in Russian cinemas on March 23. The actress got the role of Catherine Golovkina, the captain of a spaceship. “In March last year I received a letter from the American film company, – has shared with “StarHit” DYKHOVICHNY. – I went on typecasting, and I was asked to record a video: to play the scene like me attacking an alien. After long talks on Skype I have approved”.

      The shooting took place in the pavilion near London and lasted four months – from July to October 2016.

      Ольга Дыховичная пошла на риск ради Голливуда“Already in place I was introduced to the whole group – continues the actress. – Ryan Reynolds sense of humor. And Jake Gyllenhaal in everyday life modest, appears only in the frame, and still lingers in every line and pause. After filming we usually had coffee. Jake and Ryan were in Russia with premieres of his paintings. Both fondly remembered Russian hospitality, asked about the weather and politics. In the film, you will not see any scene where the characters walk on the floor. The action takes place in zero gravity. We are therefore two months were coached on the range: taught to move, turn and accelerate on special cables. It was not easy”.

      In all difficult situations, the actors tried to joke. “Laughter on the court was constantly, told in an interview, Ryan Reynolds.– Believe me, nowhere is not a joke so much as in a drama. Look into our huge costumes, it’s just sex walking. And how many times the walls were hit… But the result was worth it.”