Илью Глинникова поздравляют с тайной свадьбой Fans noticed the ring on the ring finger of an actor. Fans of the show “the Bachelor” caught up to the fact that Ilya Glinnikov has chosen a worthy girl was ready to connect his life. They hurried to be glad for the artist.

In June this year completed the fifth season of the Dating show “the Bachelor.” The main character Ilya Glinnikov gave preference to bright blonde Ekaterina Nikulina and gave her the ring at the end of the program. Despite the fact that in four of the previous season of the TV program none of the men have not kept relations with the winners, star of TV series “Interns” demonstrates sincere feelings to the beloved.

Subscribers are interested in looking at each picture Glinnikov with the truck. Fans spotted the ring finger, his ring. Some followers decided that he got married with the girl They began to congratulate the artist and discuss a few. “The right girl for the family,” “Bunny, I wish you happiness”, “Well, you together, love is beautiful. Katya is beautiful, his handsome, live happily ever after,” “Insanely beautiful couple. The happiness of your family,” wrote warm wishes to fans.

However, this ring on the hand of Elijah appeared long ago, but then the followers did not pay any attention to him. Now, when fans do not doubt the sincerity of the feelings Glinnikov and Nikulina, they want to know more about their lives. Not so long ago the actor was vacationing with his beloved in Mauritius. They had a great time in solitude on the island.

In the course of the project, the actor admitted that the program helped him find love. He talked about the fact that I would have chosen Catherine in any way. Apparently, the man was initially seriously set out to find the only girl he would associate with my life. Glinnikov shared details of Nikulina

Glinnikov told me that immediately after completion of the proposed project and Nikulina to live together. They had to carefully hide the affair, as the show still aired on TV. The girl admitted that once considered the artist’s future husband, since they coincided with the views of the future. She talked about the fact that they are ready to be behind the husband and all his support. In order to please the beloved, Catherine even learned to cook. Ilya admires the dedication of the lady. The hero of the show “the Bachelor” was pleasantly surprised that they get along well in everyday life.