Гражданская супруга Олега Яковлева рассекретила очень личный кадр Alexander Kutsevol can not come to terms with the death of the artist and often revises the shared pictures. Oleg Yakovlev is often asked about sharing photos with chosen, however, the woman did not want to expose their feelings.
Гражданская супруга Олега Яковлева рассекретила очень личный кадр

A little over a month ago, the former soloist of the popular group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev died on 48-m to year of life. The man was suffering from bilateral pneumonia and the doctors are unable to restore the health of the artist. The last days before his death, he was connected to a ventilator in intensive care.

The civil wife of the musician Alexander Kutsevol can’t deal with bereavement and reviewing the photos, which they sealed together. She recently found the last picture where they are posing together. The woman couldn’t resist and shared with fans a picture, and told under what circumstances they took up the camera.

“On may 17, touring in St. Petersburg. We arrived for the sound check and went to lunch. Stood unexpectedly good weather, and I offered to take a picture of Oleg in the background of the Neva river, but he insisted on a photo together. I still resisted: “I don’t fit wind hairstyle,” and he almost “forced”. Oleg, by the way, often insisted on our photos for “Instagram” and I didn’t like once again to advertise our happiness. And there was this picture, which I saved. Well, here today to share it, because me have nothing to lose,” wrote the beloved artist in a microblog.

Fans still can’t believe the fact that Yakovlev was no longer alive. They rushed to support the grieving woman and thanked her for what she continues to publish photos of their favorite artist. “Sasha, what do you umnichka. Thank you for sharing with us pictures, Michiel is always near”, “Sasha, you’re a big lad, all will be well. At the time, Yes, happiness is hidden – it is right. Hang in there, Sashunya, we’re all here”, “I still can’t believe. What a beautiful photo, and Oleg so cheerful,” wrote fans.

Alexander tries to throw out the grief from the loss of a loved one in a microblog. She talks to all lovers of creativity of the artist about his habits, Outlook and sympathies. The wife of Oleg Yakovlev: “I Think if he goes, I first day you die”

“You’ve always loved summer because it can be a lot just to walk, walking enthusiastically around the world. Planned this summer to go round half of Europe! You loved long walks on the streets of cities and proudly announced: “as Much as his paws rubbed off.” And I loved just being there. It was happiness just to hold your hand, hug!” – shared secret Kutsevol.