Илья Глинников запутался в отношениях с девушками A man can’t choose. Ilya Glinnikov left with six participating in the project “the Bachelor.” Now he spends more time with each of the contenders for his heart, but it increasingly difficult to make a decision about parting with somebody of the participants.
Илья Глинников запутался в отношениях с девушками

Every Saturday the whole country with bated breath watch the development of events on the most romantic show “the Bachelor.” In each series, the actor Ilya Glinnikov makes a choice from the heart – should he continue to chat with some girls or to let go, so they found happiness in his personal life with other men.

Tomorrow the bachelor with six participants returned from Sri Lanka to Moscow. Now the project Ilya can’t give roses on a date – his choice, he will do solely on the ceremonies at the end of each week. In the upcoming series Ilya satisfied with two individual dates to get to know girls for the remaining time. This time he decided to spend time with Ekaterina Nikulina. The girl is in the soul of the bachelor mixed feelings.

“Catherine surprises me every day more and more. And frightening with each passing day more and more,” admitted Glinnikov.
Илья Глинников запутался в отношениях с девушками

On a second date Ilya will go together with Dasha. They will travel to her hometown of Sochi. There he will fulfill the old dream – swim with dolphins and white whales in the Dolphinarium. Participant of “the Bachelor,” Daria Klyukina: “Elijah promised without vulgarity”

“I’m confused in my feelings. Katya, Dasha… It’s very difficult,” admitted the main character of the program.

Not so long ago, Ilya was invited Klyukina out in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. They gave her an unforgettable date, to melt her heart and to break out of the friend zone. Catherine, in turn, is making every effort to win the heart of Glinnikov. She decided on a desperate act to draw attention to themselves bachelor.

“We can hardly compare me with Dasha because we are completely different people,” – said Nikulin.

He Glinnikov afraid to stumble and make the wrong choice. He fears that would deprive themselves of the opportunity to build a relationship with the girl of his dreams. “I turned into ashes,” Ilya concluded. For what reason he spoke this sentence, you will see this Saturday at 21:30 on TNT.