Relatives of Patrick Swayze outraged by the behavior of his widow

Родные Патрика Суэйзи возмущены поведением его вдовы The woman intends to auction off all his belongings, including a certificate of graduation and an x-ray of teeth. The scenario that usually unfolds a struggle for the legacy of famous men have long been known. The grieving widow struggling multimillion pulls the blanket over himself, and ex-wives, children and other relatives, tearing it apart with the other hand.
Родные Патрика Суэйзи возмущены поведением его вдовы

Even in such predictable at first glance, the situations are interesting nuances, and Swayze actually exceptional. The actor, who died from cancer in 2009, all my life I loved a woman who could not give him children. Brothers Patrick did not dispute the right of his wife, Lisa Niemi on the inheritance, but they absolutely do not like it invented an original way to keep the memory of her husband.

Earlier this month Daniel Swayze, Patrick’s niece, expressed through social networks their attitude to the auction, which will be held in Los Angeles.

“Lisa is going to sell, who knows all that was dear uncle,’ she wrote. – But these things are the real owners – his family, the only people for whom they are priceless. It is impossible to bid the feelings and memories. And why is it the woman who doesn’t need anything? Help me stop her!”
Родные Патрика Суэйзи возмущены поведением его вдовы

Before taking out the dirty linen in public, family Swayze tried to reach out to Lisa directly. In 2015, when the widow wanted to sell arms to a favorite ranch of Patrick in the valley of San Fernando, the relatives offered to buy the estate to turn it into a Museum. Lisa, who the year before had married a jewelry magnate billionaire albert De PRISCO and moved him to Florida, did not deign to respond.

Soon the new owner of the ranch without warning put out angry young lady Danielle and her father don. They moved to the actor in the last year of his life, to take care of him, and then – as it turned out, for his trouble – maintained estate in a marketable condition.

Родные Патрика Суэйзи возмущены поведением его вдовы

In the heat it has been suggested that Lisa had forged a will, in result, became the sole possessor of considerable wealth at $40 million Dong and Sean Swayze first thought, how is it that Patrick left nothing to the family.

“Grandma wanted to take the cowboy boots he wore for many years, and put them on the mantelpiece next to the boots of his grandfather, – says Daniel. But Lisa never gave up even this, not to mention the bike, which Patrick promised to my father. So the greedy bitch punished us for what we revealed to her our homes and hearts.”

Now Lisa has decided to sell the motorcycle, and boots, and an old wallet with credit cards and expired passports, and even a key actor. She expects to receive about $300 thousand, a percentage of the proceeds will go to Fund the fight against cancer.

“After Patrick’s death I was supported by the thought that one day I will be able to share the memory with all” – explains his action by Lisa.