Илья Глинников и его девушка отправились на райский остров

The relationship between the popular Russian actor llya Glinnikov and his wife in the 5th season of the TV show “the Bachelor” Ekaterina Nikulina gaining momentum. The couple spends all the time together and share in happy Instagram photos of a luxury holiday. It seems that young people rehearsing for the honeymoon. Now Glinnikov lucky Nikulin a romantic trip to the island of Mauritius.

In the sincerity of Glinnikov on the project “the Bachelor” few people believed, because fans of bitter experience – in TV show couples don’t work out, they will in a few months, allegedly due to strong disagreements. Star of TV series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov destroyed the stereotypes. The actor continues to meet with the girl he chose in the finale of the show. Young people do not hide their love and proved that their feelings don’t play on camera.
Ilya and Ekaterina went to a well-deserved rest. They rest in a five star hotel in a picturesque corner of Mauritius. Glinnikov even venture for the sweetheart of his life – he gave Kate control of the helicopter. However, the flight was under control of the pilot. Nikulina posted a photo to Instagram where she’s sitting behind the wheel and in the passenger seat, Illya. Girl touching signed the “are you sure You want to drive? -Yes, of course! -And you remember that you don’t know how to swim? Yes. -Well, then flew. Learn how”.
In Mauritius, the lovers do a lot of walking, spend time at the beach and visiting the natural attractions.
Insiders say that the relationship between Elijah and Catherine are moving very quickly. The couple even plans to get married and already engaged. By the way, Nikulina provokes followers on rumors. She posted a picture of her hand with a ring, inlaid with precious stones. However, the decoration was worn on the middle finger. “Victory loves diligence”, signed, frame it. Fans immediately assumed that Glinnikov did Catherine offer. However, no statement lovers did.
Recall that the actor Ilya Glinnikov took part in the 5th season of the Russian television show is on NTN’s “the Bachelor”. For his heart is fought 25 girls. According to the artist, the Catherine, he immediately felt a kindred spirit. The lovers arrived, without waiting for the end of the project, although it is prohibited by the rules of the show.