Girl with no hair and teeth wins the business model

Девушка без волос и зубов покоряет модельный бизнес Melanie Gaydos became famous after starred in the music video of Rammstein. 28-year-old model suffers from a rare genetic syndrome for which she had no hair, eyebrows and teeth. However, this does not prevent her to conquer the catwalks.

American Melanie Gaydos is slowly but surely gaining popularity in the modeling business. Despite its unusual, alien appearance, the girl managed to shoot for several magazines. The number of subscribers to the 28-year-old model on Instagram is also growing rapidly. Now her army of fans has 130 thousand people.

Since childhood, she suffers from ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic syndrome that gives rise to irreversible changes in appearance. Symptoms of the disease become complete baldness, loss of teeth, abnormalities of the blood vessels. Tissues and organs of patients are experiencing persistent difficulties with blood circulation, which patients rarely survive for up to twenty years.

In addition to all these features, Melanie has a “harelip”. The model is experiencing regular difficulties with food intake, which suffers from lack of weight. At the moment Gaydos weighs 42 pounds.

In interviews, a model with an unusual appearance, it was recognized that endured more than forty operations. A career in the fashion industry she started late, and it emboldened her favorite people. Melanie responded to the announcement of the famous Agency, whose staff was looking for people with an unusual appearance. Later it turned out that the last audition of the models will participate in the filming of a new music video of Rammstein.

The collaboration with the German team brought Melanie’s first success. She performed the role of the monster, and then woke up famous. Photographers and stylists were attracted by her unusual appearance, so Gaydos was often to shoot for catalogs and magazines.

Model participates in fashion shows, appears in ads for clothing and accessories. Recently, she became the heroine of the art installation, which has worked together with Sean Ross. Male model albinism and girl without hair incredibly organically looked around.

Gaydos itself has repeatedly admitted that calmly to criticism of her appearance. She realizes that looks very unusual, but for a long time deal with all the attention. In childhood on Melanie often bullied peers, but now she feels happy person who gets pleasure from his work.

“I don’t care what I look like. Appearance has nothing to do with my inner world. I decided to become a model due to the fact that there is no other person with the same unique vision of the world, as I have,” he told Melanie one foreign glossy publication.