Танцующий миллионер расстался с женой

Dancing stars of Instagram Gianluca Vacca, nicknamed “the dancing millionaire”, and his adorable girls, models Georgia Gabriela, he represented the wife seems to have ended. A couple more months does not appear on the secular parties together, social networking is not their shared photos, and Gianluca started posting warm pictures with different girls.

Personal life the dancing millionaire recently under scrutiny and surrounded by many hearing. After all, the super popular integralny the king of the dance floor’s single. As told by the insiders, Gianluca Vacca and GA Gabriela broke up in early summer. They have ceased not only to live together but finished its network activity. Unfortunately, now fans of the pair can not see the dance video of the millionaire and his lady.
And while fans all over the world Heartbreak stars, Gianluca and it appears in the photo with the mysterious stranger, which gently embraces.
One of the companions of the popular Italian became the Vice-miss universe 2015 Ariadna gutiérrez. The picture shows the couple posing on a Sunny beach. Ariadne is in the arms of Wakka and it is clear that they share much more than just communication. Followers instantly noted that the supermodel as two peas similar to the former spouse Gianluca is a charming long haired brunette with perfect figure. From afar the girls can really confuse.
Attention Instagram the dancing millionaire was attracted to another young person with whom he posted a few photos. The stranger turned out to be Ginevra Mavilla. And still only 15 years old. Despite his young age, the girl is quite well built and looks older than his years. In the microblog Gianluca is candid shots with it: the first picture of a 15 year old young beauty sits on his lap in a swimsuit, and the second couple stands in an embrace. In the words of the king of the dance, Ginevra Mavilla for him as a daughter. He met her when she was 5 years old. Since then their friendship. Gianluca does not hide that he loves the girl, but it’s not the love about which all thinking. Moreover, Mavilla calls Italian dad.
Also Gianluca posting photos of his luxurious life, luxurious hotels, trendy clubs, luxurious resorts. He says he likes to live large and in what does not deny.
Recall, Gianluca Vacca and GA Gabriela met at a party 4 years ago. The party girl came with her boyfriend. This did not stop a millionaire, he became acquainted with the hot beauty. Did not prevent 18-year age difference – Vacca has made Georgia.
In 2016, the network appeared the video, where the Gianluca Vacca and Georgia latina Gabriela danced to a song by Ricky Martin. The video gained millions of views and quickly made a couple stars Instagram. The popularity of the dancing millionaire every day is only growing, especially in Russia.