Ilana Yuriev told about the trauma of a daughter

Илана Юрьева рассказала о травме дочки
“She hurt her head, we had to get three stitches,” recalls the star of “Ural dumplings”.

Ilana St. George with daughter Diana

Actress Ilana St. George from an early age
teaches daughter Diana to work, not forgetting about security.

the end of April will be three years, and basic stuff for her age she already knows. She loves
to help me in the kitchen when I’m preparing food for us, — says the actress. — It helps me as an adult, not a child
devices, and real. And prevents not a “salad”, and one that we
all together we eat for dinner. Once she got burned with hot water, and now
knows to be careful near the stove, especially when something
prepares. Otherwise you can get burned with hot water, soup, or God forbid,,
oil. So, if she feels from the stove or oven heat not
approaches. But I’m always on the lookout for daughter in the kitchen, watching her. Otherwise
she can reach for a candy, and it will drop a vase. Children should not
be afraid to ask your parents for assistance, or submit the same sweet. Then
injuries this will not happen. And of course, Diana owns “safety” on the Playground. Knows,
not to hurt other kids, if someone needs help — better to call
adult. Swing away always go around, especially if we see that there is someone
shakes. People can go and hurt us. Not to get into the carousel. Not

After walking back home, it is necessary carefully
wash your hands, and up to this point not to pull dirty fingers in your mouth.

But at the same time, I want to say that parents do not have much
blame, if there was a slight emergency. Once we had the story: we went
from the entrance, and there fell on her Desk that she touched. She injured her head and
we gave him three stitches. As they say — would know, where he fell, straw bed.
Yeah, baby-proofed the house, but it happened. We all grew up with bruises and
torn knees. So don’t scold yourself, and especially do not abuse