Sons Oksana Akinshina grow extreme

Сыновья Оксаны Акиньшиной растут экстремалами
The actress spoke about the education of children.

Сыновья Оксаны Акиньшиной растут экстремалами

Oksana Akinshina


Oksana Akinshina admitted that after the birth of her third child — a daughter that recently turned a year — began to spend more time with the family, abandoning of some projects.

“Organize children’s activities, monitor their physical and mental development, — says Akinshina. — Hard, of course, but I like it. Now the sons of Philip and Constantine was fond of sports, both expressed a desire to get up on skis. It brings them much joy, and therefore I am happy.”

Now the actress, along with her husband and children live in Switzerland, in the resort town near the Alps, and Russia comes in when needed for work. Of course, when there are snow-capped mountains, the desire of children to learn to ski, not become parents as a surprise. The first thing she bought for 8 year old Philip, and 5-year-old Bones of a good outfit, and then hired a professional trainer. “The main thing that there were no injuries. I try to be the maximum responsible, — says the actress. For me it is important that children are engaged in what they really like, what is fun, then they all will turn out”.

Oksana Akinshina, Peter and Philip