Игорь Верник вернулся к бывшей девушке 52-year-old actor established relations with model Daria Pink. According to a lady artist, despite the fact that they have each other well studied over several years of Dating, moving in together, they do not plan to. Igor Vernik needs personal space, and his companion relates to it with understanding.

      Игорь Верник вернулся к бывшей девушке

      Last week 52-year-old actor flew in from Jurmala, where he spent the holidays with family and 24-year-old Daria Pink. With his girlfriend, a model, a native of the city of Kimry of the Tver region, wernick know 2014. Then the pair was the short novel, but it did not happen… And now, two years later, Igor and Daria back together.

      “We worked out a story without beginning or end, admits “StarHit” Rozov. – We are very close friends, almost family. There was a period when Igor met with actress Eugenia Chrapowicki: this time we practically did not communicate. Except that congratulated each other with the holidays, sent messages, nothing more. In the fall they broke up. And somehow it so happened that we are together again”.

      Despite the seriousness of the relationship, wernick and pink are not in a hurry to move in.

      “We never lived together,” continued Daria.– And so Igor to all the girls. He just needs his space. To me this situation is like, I understand him.”

      Cute brunette easily found a common language with the son Wernicke, 16-year-old Grisha, and brother Vadim and father Emil Grigoryevich. At the time, the girl managed not only to make a good impression on the heir of the artist, but also become a better friend to him. Previously, Gregory wernick was willing to publish a joint photo with your beloved father and strongly hinted that they get along well.

      As a newly-born pair of Darya and Igor has already managed to visit more than one social event. Most recently they were spotted at the wedding of a close friend Wernicke, businessman. Pink is no stranger to publicity. The girl appeared on the covers of fashion magazines, and in 2013 became a finalist of the contest “Miss MAXIM”.

      As said classmate Daria, she was always purposeful, wanted to conquer Moscow, and after school went to the capital. At first she studied to be an economist, then became interested in advertising. But the more successful she developed a career model. By the way, earlier Igor Vernik had an affair with many representatives of the profession, and one of them even planned to marry. In 2012, wernick made an offer Daria Starovas, but to build a family they have failed.

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