Худеющая Корнелия Манго рассказала о диете и тренировках The singer relaxes on vacation. Even in Yalta, Cornelia continues to exercise and watch their diet. The artist was excluded from the menu sweets, soft drinks and juices, trying to eat more vegetables. The Mango fans in awe of the stunning star shape.

      The graduate of “factory of stars-7” now is relaxing together with her husband Bogdan Durden on the Black sea coast. There is a star and her partner a lot of swimming, sunbathing and walking on the local attractions. However, even while on vacation, Cornelia Mango’t forget about healthy way of life. The artist does various exercises outdoors to stay in shape.

      “How is practice going on air. Do 50 jumping rope, 3 sets of 15-18 reps on the TRX loops, squats — 3 sets of 40 sit-UPS, push-UPS, and between sets — jump rope. After — sea — shared a Mango in Instagram.

      In addition, Mango is also trying to stick to a diet that eliminates flour and sugar. Cornelia hard watching their weight, not to gain extra pounds during the holidays.

      “I don’t eat sweets, don’t drink the glazing and juices. For Breakfast I had cottage cheese and berries, lunch — soup with vegetables and some fruit, and for dinner meat with vegetables. Eat vegetables, to bring sugar to normal,” wrote Cornelia in social networks.

      The actress also asked followers to ask her questions if they want to know more about how she trains and eats. “The way you clean your stomach?”, asked Mango. To which she replied: “Plank and squats. And so all of the exercises important.” Another podistica asked Cornelia, if she eats after 18 hours. As it turned out, the singer can afford to eat three hours before bedtime, and she goes 12 hours at night. More Mango advised fans to exercise because without exercise hard to lose weight.

      Followers of Cornelia noted that she looks fine and is the correct way of life. “Cornelia, you’re doing great, I admire you”, “Good in everything, keep it up. I wish you strength and patience for all!”, “Proud of you in absentia”, “I also do the sea, plus doing exercise for the press”, “Pretty woman, very cool”, “Nice results looking good” — they wrote in the comments of the post artist.

      We will remind that quite recently, in June of this year, Cornelia Mango was married to a beatboxer Bogdan Dyurd. The lovers got married in Kutuzovsky registry office. The singer decided to take the name of the elect. Specially for the wedding arrived, the father of Cornelia, living in Portugal.

      Cornelia Mango and Bogdan Dyurd got married

      In an interview with “StarHit” Mango said they were with Bogdan going to live in a luxury residential complex in Mitino. According to the singer, they are very hard on yourself. First Cornelia had nothing against rented apartment, but after I realized that when it comes to family, it is better to buy your own property. “I’m so pleased that all the calculations were done by my man because I don’t know how to save money” — shared the singer. Cornelia Mango and groom acquired luxury housing

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