Igor Nikolaev publicly spoke about feelings for another woman

Игорь Николаев публично заговорил о чувствах к другой женщине
The musician made the confession.

Igor Nikolaev and Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: @Instagram igor_nikolaev_music Igor Nikolaev

Igor Nikolaev confessed his love for another woman. However, the wife of musician Yulia Proskuryakova is no cause for concern. In social networks, the composer talked about his feelings… to a colleague at the scene — love assumption!

The love between them, of course, exists only in the Platonic sense, what Igor himself said in his microblog. “Friends! Only that I signed the Queen of Chanson Lyubov Uspenskaya! In honor of this event, I also signed up for it and want to confess his love to the popularly beloved singer with this photo! Lyuba! Create! People are waiting for your songs!” — written by the artist. His statement Igor was accompanied by a joint picture taken during the festival “New wave 2017” in Sochi.

The fans of the stars surprised that stars has to date not communicated in the Network. “Wow, just now friendly then. Maybe we are waiting for the duet?”, “Everything is logical. If Luba is the Queen of chanson, you — the king of romance on our stage”, “Love it! Two geniuses on one shot,” was the reaction of the fans to the publication of Nikolaev.

Tomorrow, by the way, Igor and Julia Proskuryakova will celebrate another wedding anniversary. Been married since 2010 and together raising her daughter Veronica. The girl is precocious: it has encouraged parents ‘ achievements in learning the English language, well considered, and possesses marked musical talent, which is not surprising when we remember who her parents are.