Olga Buzova started talking about the future

Ольга Бузова заговорила о будущем
This year the personal life, and career of TV presenter, singer and model Olga Buzova has changed.

Ольга Бузова заговорила о будущем

At the end of 2016 Olga divorced with her husband Dmitry Tarasov, and then actively engaged in their own career and in a relatively short time managed to take first place in various music charts with their songs.

Recently, microblog Buzova appeared a picture in which she poses in a long dress and looks thoughtful.

“I wonder what would it be? My man…” she wrote under a photo Olga.

Apparently Buzova finally able to forget the ex-wife and is open to a new relationship and possibly her life is already a fan.

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