Игорь Николаев уделил внимание экс-супруге в день рождения Russian author and composer of songs, which is sung by many Russian pop singers, was congratulated by second wife Natasha Queen with 43-year anniversary. Igor Nikolaev also did not forget about the birthday of another colleague on the scene, Vladimir Kuzmin.

      Игорь Николаев уделил внимание экс-супруге в день рождения

      Natasha Koroleva today marks the 43 anniversary. She looks much younger than his years and does not hesitate to show the fans their pictures without makeup. Thousands of fans admire her beauty. In the morning the singer accepts congratulations from friends and colleagues. One of wanting to say sweet words the Queen turned out to be her ex-spouse and teacher Igor Nikolaev.

      “Today is the birthday of two Twins – Vladimir Kuzmin and Natasha Koroleva! Congratulations, I wish you happiness! Thank you for singing my songs! Time passes, songs remain!”, the musician wrote in his microblog.

      Congratulations to the Nikolaev joined the many fans of his songs and voice Queen. “Happy birthday to my most favorite, most beautiful, most charismatic singer, thank you for Natasha, for a song written for her”, “Thank you for the wonderful actress”, “beautiful Song, sung with pleasure,” wrote admirers of Igor.

      Игорь Николаев уделил внимание экс-супруге в день рождения

      We will remind that Igor and Natasha were married for 13 years. The composer noticed begins at the time the singer in 1990. He took the young talent on the road with us to Tallinn, where they have erupted and feeling. Nikolaev very nicely courted the girl, but she didn’t let him get too close. Then Igor decided to marry the singer. The wedding was Chertanovskaya registered by the Registrar. The celebration was secret and took place at the apartment. Natasha Koroleva celebrating the 21st anniversary of his first marriage

      Some time later the Queen song “Yellow tulips”, which she wrote together with Igor, Marina Mogilevskaya, sang the entire Soviet audience. In 1992, Nikolaev and the Queen for the first time has presented the program “Dolphin and mermaid”, which earned the Duo the halls of many thousands of fans. In 2001, the marriage of Russian artists broke up. Natasha was going through a breakup with her first husband. In her work appeared sad notes. She released the albums “pieces of the past”, “Heart”, “Believe it or not” and “Heaven is wherever you are”. However, after leaving the Queen with brown was already well-established artist.

      Today, Natasha is happily married to Sergey Glushko (Tarzan) and has a son Arkhip. Igor is married to Yulia Proskuryakova, who bore him seven months ago, her daughter Veronica. Julia Proskuryakova: “our Daughter loves songs with Igor!”

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