Отец Жанны Фриске требует от «Русфонда» информации о счетах дочери The singer’s father wants to know what amounts and when transferred to her treatment. Vladimir Borisovich Friske wrote an appeal to the “Rusfond” with a request to provide data on the movement of funds that have been transferred to the organization for Jeanne.

      Отец Жанны Фриске требует от «Русфонда» информации о счетах дочери

      In 2014 it became known that Jeanne Friske brain cancer. The singer took expensive treatment. Husband star Dmitry Shepelev went to the country with a request for help via the First channel. Charity organization “Rusfond” has claimed responsibility for the collection of money for treatment known artist.

      Parents and son Zhanna Friske will share the inheritance

      After Jeanne, the tragedy occurred in June last year, the Foundation demanded from the family of the singer and her common-law husband report about the amount spent. It turned out that none of them was able to provide proof that all the money was spent. Began public hearing, which resulted in the “Rusfond” appealed to the Investigation Committee with a request for assistance in resolving the problem.

      In order to understand the details of this complicated case, the father of Jeanne Friske, who claims that the card with the money on her daughter’s treatment were in Shepeleva, wrote a letter to the “Rusfond”. Vladimir Borisovich has asked the charitable organization to give him a contract with Jeanne Friske, copies of its accounts “Rusfond”, information about who exactly and on what grounds paid for treatment of the singer.

      Отец Жанны Фриске требует от «Русфонда» информации о счетах дочери

      In addition, Vladimir Borisovich very surprised by the fact that on the website of the charity organization posted an appeal on his behalf with the request to assist in payment of medical assistance for her daughter. “I personally never spoke to You and/or Your Foundation with this statement,” wrote the father of Jeanne.

      Mother Zhanna Friske for the first time spoke about the missing millions

      We will remind, the family Friske and Dmitry Shepelev can’t agree who was in charge of the money, and who should be responsible for the costs. “The card with money from the “Rusfond” we had only a month and a half, and for all waste produced at this time, we will report, – said Vladimir Friske “StarHit”. – Anything extra we didn’t do it! And all the rest of the money disposed of Dima. He will have to provide receipts for treatment Janna: 170 thousand euros for the clinic in Germany, 104 thousand dollars – for new York, 180 thousand dollars for Los Angeles”.

      “Rusfond” again asked the court to search for the missing money Friske

      In late January, “Rusfond” has addressed in Investigatory Committee with the request for excitation of criminal case on the fact of theft of funds from the account of Zhanna Friske. But as it turned out, the organization received a waiver. “On may 27, we appealed against the decision on refusal in excitation of criminal case to the Prosecutor in the procedure established by articles 124 and 125 of the criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation”, – said at the official website of the organization.

      Отец Жанны Фриске требует от «Русфонда» информации о счетах дочери

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