Igor Matvienko explained why he was disappointed in show business

Игорь Матвиенко объяснил, почему разочаровался в шоу-бизнесе The producer thinks about how to do other things. Igor Matvienko openly talked about the reasons why you became interested in working on the soundtrack to the film “Viking”. He admitted that he no longer feels an interest in investing in artists and the creation of pop hits.

      At the end of last year in Russia premiere of the highly anticipated blockbuster “Viking” with the participation of Danila Kozlovsky and Svetlana Khodchenkova. Igor Matvienko became the author of the soundtrack to the film, which was about three years. He recently gave an interview in which explained his interest in composing music for film. The man openly admitted that he is not interested to open new names and to work with young artists to promote them and prepare repertoire.

      “To be honest, I’m already in show business enough. That is why took the music to the “Viking”, and are now looking for the variants of implementation in other major forms. I want to compose for choirs, orchestras, do not three-minute pop songs, and the works, the running hours. Maybe a musical or something. Now seriously studying Russian Opera,” – said Matvienko.

      The man also said that he is fond of history of Russia. In school, he did not give it much importance, but over the years discovered the “Tale of bygone years” and Karamzin. Now Matviyenko gets great pleasure from reading books involving this subject. Working on the soundtrack to “the Viking”, the producer gave the opportunity to realize their interest in life. Informed Matvienko, never made music for films. “I acquired a completely new musical experience, which I hope to use in the near future,” he told reporters.

      We will remind that Igor Matvienko has its own production center, which works with the group “Lyube”, “Ivanushki International”, “Factory”, “Roots” and “My Michelle” and singer Victoria Dayneko. By the way, at the end of February in the capital’s “Crocus city Hall” will take place celebratory concert Nicholas Rastorguev and his companions. They are confined not only to the Day of defender of the Fatherland, but also the 60th anniversary of the soloist of the popular group. According to Igor Matvienko, he decided to surprise a colleague with a pleasant surprise. Apparently, the man will give the Gun a collector’s item, purchased at an auction.

      By the way, in 2020, the Igor Matvienko himself will celebrate round date. Producer and composer will be 60 years. In conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper “Izvestia”, the man admitted that he outlined ambitious plans. “If they are implemented — will have something to celebrate” – said Matvienko reporters.