Vyacheslav Fetisov on hospitalization: “I am outraged by this information”

Вячеслав Фетисов о госпитализации: «Я возмущен такой информацией» Famous coach spoke about the condition. A number of publications reported that the hockey star was in the hospital with a serious disease. “StarHit” learned from Vyacheslav Alexandrovich how he feels.

      As reported by some publications, a well-known hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov and coach was in the hospital. According to media reports, the star of Soviet sport was hospitalized with a serious disease. How to write Internet portals, 58-year-old man will long-term treatment. “StarHit” called Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich, to clarify the situation. A popular former national team player said that he was all right, but on health does not complain.

      “Outraged by the information on the hospitalization. I am alive and well. When these news was at a press conference in TASS, so I don’t understand where they came from,” said Fetisov in an interview with “StarHit”.

      According to the coach, he has no problems, and the doctors he had not sought. “Today, woke up, did exercises. The hockey game,” explained Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich. A man tries to lead an active lifestyle, so exercise regularly.

      During the press conference, which was attended by Fetisov, he discussed issues relating to the doping scandal. The double Olympic champion on hockey and the Stanley Cup winner believes that the an athlete by mail the medals of another rank after the revision of the competition results – it’s humiliating.

      Fetisov stood at the head of the Committee of sportsmen vada, so he knows firsthand what was going on. “The biggest offense to the athletes who train and compete honestly, in times of triumph honors rendered to the one who lied to all. Don’t know do album Olympics photos of the winners, but I think this is the biggest humiliation is to get then in the mail a medal of another kind,” said the coach.

      Recall that in the recent cases where the winners of prestigious competitions is accused of abuse of doping. Many Russian medalists of the Olympic was involved in this situation. Now responsible organizations trying to resolve issues with Vsemirnyi anti-doping Agency.