Igor Krutoy lost 20 kg due to diabetes

Игорь Крутой похудел на 20 кг из-за диабета As the Maestro has long caused concern among his fans. Igor Krutoy lost weight, although this was not complete. Many began to suspect that he had a serious disease. “StarHit” found out the details.
Игорь Крутой похудел на 20 кг из-за диабета

Rumors that the Maestro has health problems appeared several years ago. And in the winter of 2017 under the cover of secrecy, Igor Yakovlevich underwent surgery and rehabilitation in America. It was after this there was talk that allegedly a Steep cancer. He preferred not to comment on his condition, but continued to rapidly lose weight. As has found out “StarHit”, the musician is not cancer, and diabetes, with whom he lives for several years.

“Igor Yakovlevich always been slim, but recently lost another 15 kilograms, – told the “StarHit” surrounded by Steep. – Of course, all very concerned to support him. Were all sorts of fiction about the diagnosis, but, thank God, he has no cancer. And weight loss associated with a strict diet prescribed by the experts that he carefully adheres to. Sometimes it seems that Igor Yakovlevich nothing to eat! And with all this still and active in sports. Loves tennis, respects the treadmill and walks in the fresh air.”

In the diet 63-year-old composer is dominated by plant foods, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, steamed. Cool abandoned fried, spicy, fatty, and almost completely eliminated the sweet. Although, according to the couple, before he loved to pamper yourself harmful foods. In an interview, boasted that Olga does amazing things, and especially she manages lamb. With her, however, to part was not necessary.