Timothy came to the defense of Reshetovaa humiliation after Sobchak

Тимати встал на защиту Решетовой после унижений Собчак The incident at the MUZ-TV is actively discussing the public for a few days. Ksenia Sobchak evil joked the girl Timati, model Anastasia Reshetova. In response, the musician spoke negatively about the music of the ceremony as a whole.
Тимати встал на защиту Решетовой после унижений Собчак

Ksenia Sobchak was one of the presenters of the award “MUZ-TV”. The star could not resist and decided to approach a couple of Timothy and Anastasia Reshetova. Statements blonde to address lady musician caused a wave of laughter throughout the hall.

“Look at that woman, you know. I think: “my God! Poor Simon Yakovlevna!” What must she feel?! Grow up boy, kid, small, but with such ceremony will go. Horror”, – said Sobchak in the air.

22-year-old model didn’t respond to hurtful words Sobchak, she just smiled throughout the monologue leading. Timothy also did not say anything, his mother Simon Yakovlevna, who was sitting behind the couple, laughed at all of passing. A few days later, the rapper still posted a post in Instagram, he said that the award “MUZ-TV” is obsolete, and its presenters were incompetent.

“In fact, in addition to the name from year to year, nothing changes: neither the impudence of some of the leading nor the feeling of endless chitchat, no real understanding of the modern market, but there is no lack of desire to go forward and make a cool product, no mechanism to maintain relationships with those who for a year was “buck”, or more useful. All this is ridiculous and weird. It’s like getting a gift of shoes that running out and tinder, but they come to the one who gave, at the anniversary, so he definitely noticed it, and it was pleasant. Hence a natural question: “what do you last year not outraged, when they received the “artist of the Year”?” – the answer is simple (see the paragraph about the shoes). Literally, this year has not played by the rules,” said the musician.
Тимати встал на защиту Решетовой после унижений Собчак

Then Timothy continued to speak impartially about the ceremony in General. In particular, he personally appealed to the Director of MUZ-TV Arman Davletyarov.

“Dear Armand, you are so moldy in my own little fantasy world that he did not understand how to “interview” confirmed everything that I wrote previously above. I quote: “Timothy did not go to events all year, not sang free, and was not involved in the activity of the channel. So he is not getting rewards!”. Anyone else after these words, it is not clear about this award? I would in your place, would have feared at all to comment on this situation, you have a guide that also reads different news. Can you imagine if they read the comments of people and their opinions about the award?” – interested in the artist.

Further the musician to the nines carries the entire domestic show business, claiming that the performers appear at the ceremony MUZ-TV. “Because there is no place to go, they just can’t afford to say it out loud!” – said Timothy.

The Anastasia Reshetova, after public humiliation posted on Instagram post dedicated to the spiteful critics. Also, she has put huskies on those Network users that tried to insult Sobchak unflattering comments.

“One of the most useful life skills – is the ability to quickly forget all the bad: not to dwell on troubles, not to live grievances, not to revel in irritation, not to conceal malice. It is not necessary to pull different stuff in his soul,” wrote the model.

Later Arman Davletyarov decided to answer Timothy. The producer also chose to battle Instagram, posting a post dedicated to the rapper.

“You do not want to think about my relationship with shareholders, unlike you, they are interested in the economy, the share and numbers of channels that suit them, I assure you. Sorry, they don’t read comments in your social networks, they have a different level. “Vomit” I call it when you hug me, shake hands, and leaving quietly “smear”, because they did not receive a plate. On the occasion of the concerts where you weren’t in the course of the year, for some reason, your friends, colleagues who are above you in status and level, such as Leps, Valery Meladze, Kobzon, creed, ILO, Emin, And Studios come and take these pictures and they arrange and support the channel. You these words humiliate them too. Now, regarding the ratings of the channel and the award for the last three years ratings and channel share is the highest for all time of existence of the channel and the prize. No offense, my friend, you make trouble in social networks is not the first time, is your thing, my part is purely working moments”, – said Arman.