Igor Krutoy has released a CD with songs for children

Игорь Крутой выпустил диск с песнями для детей

The composer who once wrote the music for Pugacheva and Allegrova, is now working on creating children’s songs.

He wrote dozens of songs for Irina Allegrova, including “I clouds will make a helpless gesture” and “the catcher in the rye”, “Acapulco” made famous Laima Vaikule, well, “Love is like a dream”, written for Pugacheva, know it by heart. And this is only the beginning of a long list of Tough hits. During his long creative life he has worked with almost all stars of our show business. And now suddenly decided to switch to stars is smaller.

The other day at the restaurant “Clouds” by the famous composer presented a CD of songs for children “draw the world”. This is a great collection of popular songs, which sounded in the large-scale television projects and have become very loved among young viewers. For example, the song “Olympic waltz” written by Igor Krutoy especially for the closing ceremonies in Sochi in 2014, the song “Presnya” – the festival of rhythmic gymnastics Alina Kabaeva, the title song of the CD “draw” has become one of the most beloved and famous songs of the choir of the Academy of Igor Krutoy, she is often heard on Children’s radio and is a leader in the children’s musical “the Hit parade”.

Words on music Cool wrote Mikhail Gutseriev, Igor Nikolaev, Lilya Vinogradova, Dominik Joker and Lyubasha. Among the guests were also seen Ani Lorak, Valeria and Joseph Prigogine, Oleg Gazmanov.

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“Working on this project was conducted for several years, – said Igor Krutoy. — The songs came gradually, and each has its own unique history of creation. I’m extremely glad that in the end this resulted in a full album “draw the world”. To work with children, writing for children, how nice, so and responsibly. Want to please, not to deceive the expectations of the little listener. Big thanks to my sponsors, with whom we worked on the creation of the album, with each we have formed a perfect tandem, which had resulted in such a wonderful collection. And we are glad that children love these songs and sing them. This is the most important and the best review!”

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