The youngest daughter of Valery Meladze has been holding a grudge

Младшая дочь Валерия Меладзе затаила на него обиду 14-year-old daughter of the singer from her first marriage she does not want in the future to avoid the situation which has developed in family life her parents. Star of stage left wife Irene when she was three years old.

      Младшая дочь Валерия Меладзе затаила на него обиду

      About the personal life of Valery Meladze often go to various rumors. At the heart of the spectacular singer always claimed the most beautiful women. At this time the contractor is in a relationship with the ex-soloist of “via gra” Albina Dzhanabaeva who bore him two sons.

      We will remind that Valery has left from the wife Irina at that moment, when his youngest daughter Arina was three years old. Only in marriage, which was formally dissolved in 2014, the couple were born three girls. After the divorce, the star has left the spouse and children house for two million dollars, an apartment in Moscow and a car business class.

      Now recognized as one of the heirs of the artist, 14-year-old Arina, in the difficult period when his father went into another family, she didn’t realize that there was something really serious. Only now the teenager knew what really happened between her parents and as care famous dad affected her attitude.

      “I see friends from nuclear families. And I understand that they have a father and mother. How am I insulting! I’ll be honest: when I get married I don’t want to imagine such a family,” said Arina.

      Previously, the middle daughter by Sophiko told me how he experienced the separation of parents. “It was hard for me. All children who are in the same situation will understand me. My mom and I talked a lot about it, and she for me is one of the main examples in life. Together with my mom and sisters, we have been able to survive this difficult situation,” recalled 17-year-old girl.

      Младшая дочь Валерия Меладзе затаила на него обиду

      For a long time Irina Meladze told nothing about joint life and parting with Valery. It wasn’t easy to postpone the departure of her husband to another woman. In March in an interview, she told how she was informed about the change.

      “Valery told me that he has relationships on the side, even have a child. To the question “who”, he answered nothing. But it was 20 minutes to figure out who – said Irina Meladze. – I understand that Albina nervous too much. I did not understand the reasons of such behavior. There were other participants of this team, and they behaved quietly. But dzhanabaeva behaved very nervously. I saw that her eyes running, she blinks a lot, and I don’t quite understand the reason of such behavior. She stops when I come. When I began to recall in hindsight, everything became clear. I even, in my opinion, congratulations on the birth of the child. I was telling a story that supposedly had a boyfriend-a musician, a violinist of some Symphony orchestra… And I have reason to suspect her of anything was not”, – said the ex-wife of the singer in the program “Russian sensations” on NTV channel.

      In spite of the rupture with his wife, Valery is trying to participate actively in the lives of children. He understands that girls are unlikely to be friends with the sons of Dzhanabaeva, but hopes that someday his heirs will still find a common language. 14-year-old Arina, probably, the current situation is not satisfactory. “I think the family should be complete. And the child should be both parents,” quoted the girl “TV program” with reference to “Sabbath Rambler”.

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