Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?

For several years, light, open shelves in the kitchen remain in the top fashion trends. On the one hand, it is a very effective solution to relieve the visual space, keep the favorite dishes on the mind and to relieve you from the pressure of a massive wardrobe. On the other hand, this kind of design creates a lot of difficulties with the maintenance of order and hygiene, and not always practical. Will try to review the pros and cons to help you choose the optimal layout of your new kitchen.

Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?
Scandola Mobili

Open shelves in kitchen

The fashion for open kitchen shelves appeared relatively recently, although in itself this idea is not anything new. Therefore, such organization of the kitchen space will be an organic look in a rustic, country or Provence interior, the informal democratic Scandinavian or loft style. But for strictly classical or fanciful neo-Baroque simple shelves spaced on them utensils are clearly not the best solution. For this kind of interiors are the best options showcase a collection of tableware will be the usual glass cupboards and display cases with transparent doors.

Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?
Open shelves with wrought iron decor for kitchen in country style, Callesella Arredamenti

Memo: fashion on open shelves, perhaps, came in the kitchen along with the proliferation of free-plan combination kitchen with a living room, echoing with open book shelves.

If you decide to do open shelves, it is desirable that the wall behind them had a dim single colour, regardless of, will choose to finish you plastic, ceramic tile or metal panel. Neutral and bright or dark background will serve as an excellent backdrop for the colorful dishes.

Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?
A collection of furniture for kitchen and living room where open shelves are used as transition between the zones, Snaidero

Of course, one of the key aspects will be the choice filling for the shelves. Old, chipped cups, enamel woks or the plastic packages of pasta are clearly not the place! Tasteful dishes which you regularly use, cute jars and containers for bulk products (sugar, flour, coffee, cereals, etc.) can transform even the most simple and budget kitchen interior.

Important: beautiful, not unused to your service, not a place on the open shelves! The dishes should be used, and then regularly wash. To maintain cleanliness on the shelves, so will be quite difficult.

Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?
Cesar Arredamenti

Advantages of open shelves in the kitchen:

  • atmosphere of comfort in the kitchen
  • convenient and quick access to utensils and products
  • the visual effect of more spacious and open space even in a small area
  • the lack of extra items and things that are usually hiding in the dark depths of cabinets
  • perfect for a young family, where the owners are avid cooks
  • will allow you to save money when you order kitchen units

Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?
Interesting option with bright shelves, accents, Casalese Style

Disadvantages of open shelves in the kitchen:

  • not as spacious as ordinary wall cabinets
  • they looks good only a beautiful dish, not heavy machines and utensils
  • things on the open shelves must always be neat and beautiful, as in the window
  • need regular cleaning
  • hardly suitable for those who like to cook a lot

How and where to place open shelves in the kitchen

No matter how you followed the procedure, too much to complicate your life still not worth it. That is why open decorative shelves do not place near the stove where fat will be inevitable evil. It is better to place them above the working plane or to position higher.

Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?

In addition, many manufacturers of kitchen furniture at the moment offers interesting combination options, where the open shelves act as a stylish decorative addition to the usual closed cabinets. In this case, a cookbook or a dish on them performs the additional role of interior accessories and very refreshing atmosphere. Such open shelves often serve as a visual bridge between the kitchen and living room in a single compositional whole.

Tip: open shelves are well combined with the system of hanging rails, which also can be hung a variety of capacities for storage.

Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?
Metal shelves and rails with extra hooks and hangers can be a practical analogue of the usual wardrobe, Ronda Design

In addition, the location of the shelves in the kitchen will directly affect its area.

If you have a small kitchen

Easy open shelves — a godsend for owners of very small in area kitchens. They do not clutter up the interior, whilst retaining a sense of air and space even for 6 m2. Alas, this option is suitable only for those who have not much kitchen utensils and crockery. On the other hand, perhaps this is a reason to think all of the items you really use or just keep in the depth of the cabinets on the old memory?

Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?
Compact kitchen with open shelves, De Rosso

If you have a large kitchen

Open shelves, more often than not meet in the spacious kitchens, where the question of storage is not so critical. Perhaps the storage area in a separate, inconspicuous cupboard somewhere on the side or distributed between a kitchen island and a normal working plane.

Стоит ли делать открытые полки на кухне?
The spacious kitchen in the loft, Snaidero

If you have enough space, you should not load the space, the massive structure hanging over your head, besides, to the top shelves in these cabinets are usually to reach it is not so simple.

Opinion Ciatti

Most often open shelves found in modern interiors, open-plan Studio apartments, lofts and multi-use spaces. Indeed, whether to hide a neat glass jars with spices and favorite cups for solid-walled cabinets?

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