Husband of Polina Gagarina let slip about the heated argument with his wife

Муж Полины Гагариной проговорился про бурные ссоры с женой
In the family of the singer raging Italian passion.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: @Instagram gagara1987 Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina is lucky: she, unlike many stars, not have to spend time looking for the perfect photographer, because her husband Dmitry Iskhakov ideally fluent in this craft. The husband, like anyone else, understands what results from shooting waiting for Polina sees the best angles — that is why it is virtually unchallenged as a photographer and his wife.

That is only for the “confession” of Dmitri, the process of joint work with his wife does not always go smoothly. Pauline and her husband are very demanding with regard to the implementation of tasks that often leads to quarrels. And if the house Gagarina harmony, while shooting at the stars and spouses typically boil “Italian passion”.

“I love to shoot Polushko. We really trust each other, and understand how important it is for result. At the same time, there was not one time that we had a row on the shooting. It’s like in an Italian movie. Just the degree of our love and passion is so high that sometimes is boiling!” — husband tells Gagarina.

The other day, by the way, Dmitry presented to the fans of the singer a frame from a fresh photoshoot of Pauline, timed to the release of her new track “Disarmed”. The premiere of the single will take place next week. Fans are sure that, like most of the songs Gagarina, this track is also “blow up” the music charts.