What happened? Ksenia Borodina wants to leave Russia forever

Что случилось? Ксения Бородина хочет покинуть Россию навсегда
The presenter persuades her husband to go to live in China.

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Ksenia Borodina unexpectedly for his fans talking about moving to another country. Now Russian TV presenter is in China. She was so filled with everyday life of the Chinese, set out on arrival to persuade her husband to change their place of residence.

“I will arrive to Moscow and I will try to persuade her husband to move to China! Well, to be honest, I sometimes think it would be possible one day to pick up and move the whole family. Children will speak English as the native language, to communicate with people of different cultures . In the end, will live. Because in Moscow live hard, actually sometimes seems that we do not live and exist!” — said Xenia.

Among the main reasons why Ksenia I want to leave Russia — the constant stress. Borodin’s closely watched China’s population, and realized that the rhythm of life of the Chinese is much quieter.

“Look at relaxed Asians, Europeans, to a lesser extent, but their lunch is sacred, family is sacred, Holy holidays, meeting with friends Holy, all Holy, all in priority to itself. And we?! Work, work, work, work, work, stress, viruses, children get sick, cold, rain, work, lunch is not sacred (not time), tube… There is way too tube, but they did not notice somehow, and I never knew, but the Chinese are very good people, very slow, but kind such that all is forgiven!” — continued Xenia. Incidentally, despite the fact that foreign housing has many stars, not many celebrities do decided to leave Russia. So Ksenia, sure the fans will not leave the capital. But recently she moved in with her husband in a private country house, which is now in full swing repair.