Мужа Ольги Рапунцель высмеяли за подарок на выписке дочери Subscribers angered bouquet. Dmitri Dmitrenko came to meet her wife and newborn child. However, the followers shamed elect Olga Rapunzel – they felt that a man could not spare money for the occasion.

Early in the morning on Sunday, April 1, participant reality show “House-2” Olga Rapunzel went to the perinatal center. The night she first became a mother. She gave her husband a daughter.

Three days later, her husband Dmitry Dmitrenko came to the hospital to pick up wife and new baby. He arranged for a lady a real feast – invited artists, has decorated a special area. However, attentive fans noticed the bouquet, which brought the happy new father. Dmitry chose a bouquet of pink gerberas. However, some felt that the flowers looked rather modest.

“The bouquet is simply stunning. I almost fell off my chair. Shame Dima. Would like to thank for the birth of your daughter a gorgeous bouquet”, “If I show-off bash, so even though Dr. flowers worthy buy. I can see her with the naughty Olga”, “had doctors and nurses on flowers and cake, All beautiful, but with flowers for Oli and the doctor had a problem, Dima?” reasoned followers.

Also, many noted the unfortunate choice of costume for discharge from the hospital, Olga decided to wear a fitted tracksuit, who stressed that the figure of a young woman has changed markedly. The followers were surprised that the young mother did not care about their appearance, knowing that my man will come and a professional photographer.

Apparently, for Olga was not important, what flowers brought to her husband. Moreover, usually flowers remain doctors. Rapunzel herself admits that very happy with the appearance of a long-awaited child.

“Our statement. Our daughter is all for you, daddy did for you this holiday, all have organized, all the most beautiful for you, our angel. I want to share with you my subscribers, so many questions come from you, all my good gradually. In General, I gave birth to itself and from the first days of breastfeeding. And I wanted to give birth and feed the baby only breast, all natural and natural! What you and I wish, don’t be afraid to give birth, Yes, painful, but bearable. It’s worth it, children are a great happiness. My tears only happiness and I wish you infinite happiness,” wrote a participant of “House-2” in the microblog.

April 4, Olga celebrated her birthday. She was glad that the baby was born just a few days before the holiday. Rapunzel is confident that she and her daughter will be able to discuss any subject, when she grows up.