Экс-возлюбленная Баскова объяснила, когда представит жениха публике Sophie of Kalcheva talked about personal. A former friend of Nikolai Baskov happy in a new relationship. But still she can’t forget singer. According to her, they managed to remain friends.

Sophie of Kalcheva broke up with Nikolai Baskov in 2017. It tells the artist that they were able to break up friends. Each of them has their own personal life. Nikolay Baskov’s Dating Victoria and lopyrevoy, but they continue to postpone marriage. Kalchev suggested that this is due to the busy schedule of each of the choices. She did not hesitate even to clarify If the reason for postponing the wedding.

“I somehow also asked about it, but he goes to answer. Says he has a lot to do, concerts, shows. And she’s a busy girl with a ball goes. Don’t know what it does exactly, but something related to football. They are not young people, they are not twenty years old. A wedding is such a serious step. Rash acts can be made in his youth. And here it is necessary to marry well and to the end of days. Not so got married today, and tomorrow went. Let’s see what will happen next,” – says Kalchev.

The girl prefers not to advertise personal life. However, Sophie claims that beside her is the man she is happy. The singer appreciates it boundless kindness and sharp mind. But never compares her lover to Nicholas. According to her, each of them successful in their industry.

Sophie is in no hurry to acquaint the public with their man.

“I don’t want. If you become my husband, then, of course, tell all. No, not even thinking about it. Wedding I already had, I don’t want more! It’s very hard, and I’m such a sensitive person. They say that with time everything is forgotten in this life. But not for me. Any parting is a little death. Anyway, I think so,” explained Kalcheva.

Remembering the relationship with Nikolai Baskov, Kalcheva still can’t give an exact reason for their parting. “You know, it’s just suddenly happened for me and for him. We even can’t find the exact answer why this happened. Someone, apparently, we did something. To say, better If without me, or worse, can’t. I have always had the same life. Just ahead was our couple, and now it’s not,” Sophie admitted in an interview with “Interlocutor”.