Мужа Ким Кардашьян заподозрили в психическом заболевании
Friends of the rapper fear that he is close to a serious nervous breakdown.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian with children

Photo: Instagram @ @ kimkardashian

Fans of wife Kim Kardashian, rapper
Kanye West is seriously concerned. Last
time, he behaves more and more strange.
So much so that many have the idea that Kanye is “a little crazy”. Because he the year before was already a full-scale nervous breakdown
ended up hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital, the friends of the West
fear that history is repeating itself.

For a start it became known that the 40-year-old Kanye announced
a fighter in the world “battle of good and
evil,” and hinted that perhaps depends on its outcome. He later admitted that he was not
care what people said about him, because they still don’t rate it
genius. When he agreed to an interview to a radio show host Ebro famous Larden,
Kanye couldn’t answer any of the questions, repeating all the time the same
a line from a song by Stevie wonder… He stopped to chat with almost all friends and
family, and almost all his time locked in the Studio. And recently, Kanye
announced that is preparing to release simultaneously for five albums! This caused
even more serious concerns in its “adequacy”.

One of the latest antics seriously scared
friends of the rapper. He stated that he was somebody, and admitted that taped
duct tape the camera on your laptop computer. Then he brutally
had an argument with my mother-in-law, Mama Kim, Kris Jenner, with whom he always
had a great relationship. And, in the end, was fired, without any serious
reason, his faithful Manager Izvor Zivkovic. ”
I’m no longer the Manager, I cannot be controlled!” — said West. However, the wife of Kanye — Kim had already
to speak out in defense of Kanye, the father of her three children. “Stop demonizing my husband! He’s just emotional and open-minded!” said