Елена Летучая рассказала, зачем носила маску в Японии
The TV presenter has shared details of a trip to the land of the rising sun.

Lena Volatile with her husband Yuri Analogovym

Photo: Instagram

Elena Letuchaya returned from his first trip to
Japan, where she visited with her husband Yuri Analogovym. In the land of the rising sun couple
arrived at the personal invitation of a leading expert in the field of anti-age and beauty
technology Julianhar. The main purpose of the trip was a visit to the big
conference presentation in the frames of which Elena and Yuri was presented novelties
industry beauty, health and longevity. Under the guidance of Japanese
scientists and Julia Engel Volatile and Anashenkov tested the hydrogen
inhalations, laser therapy drinking collagen, but also received a lot of
gifts, including chocolate for weight loss with Lactobacillus, ruler
care cosmetics with a light scent of Sakura and much more.

“Yura is not making masks, and creams it does not care, but
new technologies to internal health, it, as an athlete,
very interested. Personally, I found it incredibly useful for everything!” — says Elena.

The couple managed to visit the main local
attractions. At the beginning of the trip, the couple visited the Palace Park
The Emperor, where he managed to observe the amazing phenomenon — the blooming of the cherry blossoms.
Also Elena and Yuri visited
in the major port city of Japan Yokohama is famous for its large
Chinatown with hundreds of restaurants and shops, Botanical gardens
The Sankei-EN, where you can see the Japanese houses, belonging to different epochs.

Fans of the Fly and Anashenkov known — one of the
the main Hobbies of Yuri is surfing. In Japan the athlete expanded
your hobby and ride on the waves of Tokyo Bay.

His followers Volatile also said that
many Japanese people walk the streets in masks and explained why.

“There are several versions. First — because of Allergy to
Japanese cedar, the second is just afraid to get the third hidden from
outside world.” After a few days of stay in the country, Yuri and Elena
tried on such a protective mask.

“Husband put on from allergies, and I for company. I liked
be wearing a mask!” noted Bats.