Муж Екатерины Климовой рассказал о драке с Игорем Петренко Gela Meskhi met face-to-face with the former spouse his lady. For the past ten years Ekaterina Klimova lived in marriage with Igor Petrenko. Two and a half years ago, they parted, and soon the actress remarried and gave birth to their fourth child.

      Four years ago the actress Ekaterina Klimova officially divorced with her husband Igor Petrenko. Despite the fact that the couple lived together for more than ten years, they decided to disperse. The couple has two sons – Matthew and Roots. However, a year after the breakup Klimov got married again to a young actor Gela Meskhi. Not long ago, the current husband of Catherine has been involved in a project with a former lover of the actress. The men had to fight each other, but only on the set.

      “There was a big fight scene, when he caught me in the course were machine guns, pistols, knives… I really enjoyed working in this project. Surprised with how respectful and careful to the actors. Sometimes the shooting starts, my hair on end: where the hell am I?!” says Meskhi.

      Gela has admitted that he respects the former husband of his wife. He was glad to have the opportunity to meet the artist. Meskhi finds Petrenko kind and good man. “Of course, the great fortune to meet at the site with a Pro like Igor Petrenko. I have a lot to learn from him. He offers options on how best to do it”, – confessed the actor.

      Now the relations Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi, there is complete idyll. A year and a half ago they had a charming daughter Bella. This child was the first for the Meskhetians and the fourth for Klimova. The parents loved the baby and trying to do everything, the girl grew up happy. Only recently the couple has ceased to hide the face of his daughter. Fans are happy that the couple shares with them the happy moments in the life of Bella.

      “Runs, plays piano, pop, likes to watch a football game with me. I once was a professional football “torpedo-Luzhniki” was in the first division, but was very tired. It was not easy to combine training in theatre and sport, in the end gave up, but continued to watch the matches, worried about our, says Gela, in an interview with journalists ProZvezd. – Daughter, this passion, too, apparently, was passed. She liked to watch the ball and men running around the field, trying to understand what is happening.”