Александр Панайотов раскритиковал вокал Ольги Бузовой Participant of the show “the Voice” spoke out sharply against other celebrities. Panayotov believes that in the West all the singers succeed only thanks to their talents and skills, and in Russia much depends on money.

      Александр Панайотов раскритиковал вокал Ольги Бузовой

      One of the applicants for participation in “Eurovision” Alexander Panayotov said that some celebrities are acting improperly at major music events. The artist looked foreign ceremony “Grammy”. In the event the present furor pregnant Beyonce appeared in a revealing outfit in front of thousands of audience. Panayotov believes that in addition to the show of foreign artists are able to conquer the audience with her vocals. A pregnant Beyonce has revealed on the Grammy awards

      “I still absolutely contraindicated to watch such shows as “Grammy”. I then go a few days terribly depressed, almost depressed… How polar our musical worlds…the Gulf between us… Beyonce, Adele, what is there really to say? Beautiful and young singer Jacob Collier, who was spotted on Instagram the legendary Quincy Jones, has received two Grammy awards, not because daddy paid for. But because it really is mega talented! And we all celebrate the leading reality show, which suddenly decided to sing… what about that?” – said Alexander Panayotov.

      Many social media users felt that the finalist hinted last phrase on the vocal abilities of Olga Buzova. The presenter made a splash with a performance at the Big Love Show in Moscow. The actress appeared in the image of Cleopatra, and performed their hits “Used” and the sounds of kissing.” Fans praised Buzova in the community and admired recordings of her number.

      The number of followers criticized the contractor due to the fact that his views are not Patriotic, as it equal to the West, and noted that the show-business in Russia operates differently. “Maybe Western music is good, the arrangement is incredible, but are they any g**** do professionally – Britney Spears, Madonna and others. We have good singers, they just crush our masters and their worthless protégé”, “to Understand and forgive, to accept reality and move on, carry your professionalism, quality and talent. In this situation, you especially need in this country, these students!”, “You, too, for an Amateur like Joe, and many others! Do not take too much upon yourself, each of you has your own audience!”, – wrote the user in the social network.

      By the way, some members advised Panajotova to be less radical in their statements, as such words he may lose the opportunity to participate in “Eurovision”, which will take place in may this year in Kiev.