Мария Максакова и ее муж оказались в центре громкого скандала Opera diva moved to another country together with her husband, a former state Duma Deputy Denis by Voronenkova. According to journalists, they changed citizenship. The artist chooses to refrain from detailed comments about what is happening.

      Мария Максакова и ее муж оказались в центре громкого скандала

      Opera singer Maria Maksakova was at the center of the scandal. Journalists write about what the star was fired from the Russian Academy of music Gnesin. According to a source from the Secretariat of the educational institution, the woman no longer teaches classes, and her students distributed among other teachers. However, the artist page remains on the website of the institution.

      After some time in a press there was an information that the son of Opera singer Ilya dropped out of the St. Petersburg Suvorov military school two weeks ago. According to correspondents, the young man went out on their own.

      Journalists also reported that Maria Maksakova and her husband, former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov, moved to Ukraine. Later these rumors were confirmed. In an interview with the local edition Boronenkov said they really emigrated and obtained citizenship of another country. According to men, this happened on 6 December.

      Мария Максакова и ее муж оказались в центре громкого скандала

      Meanwhile, the Russian media found out that Denis Boronenkov declared in the Federal search, it became known from sources in the Investigative Committee. According to correspondents, the man suspected of fraud in especially large size – in the raider seizure of the building in the center of Moscow worth five million dollars. It is alleged that this happened in 2011. In relation Boronenkov was prosecuted. The former MP said that he had not received any charges.

      Meanwhile, on Twitter Boronenkov, there have been several reports of a political nature. Later Maria Maksakova told that the blog men hacked. According to the singer, her husband is the author of several posts, which were affected by resonant themes. The woman refrains from a detailed explanation of what is happening and has stopped cooperation with their public relations Director. The mother star is the leading actress of the Vakhtangov theatre, Lyudmila Maksakova, also prefers to remain silent.

      Maybe moving a famous actress and her husband is associated with the tragedy that they have experienced in the past year. Then Maria Maksakova had a miscarriage she lost the twins. This terrible event the woman tied to the persecution to which she said, were Denis Boronenkov. The former MP said that the incident greatly influenced him and made many things in life look differently. “When your family is suffering.” – quoted Boronenkov the edition “Censor.NO.” It is worth noting that in April 2016 Maksakova still again became a mother: the star gave her husband a son, Ivan.

      Later the Opera singer gave a few comments about his departure from the Russian Academy of music Gnesin. In an interview with reporters of a popular radio Maksakova said that he learned the news from students. She also noted that he believes the case against her husband was fabricated. After some time Maria told reporters other media that the educational institution was low salary. According to the artist, she decided to focus on the family.