Муж Анны Хилькевич опубликовал домашнее видео любимой The husband of the actress shared on Instagram with the details of family life. Elect Anna Khilkevich posted a video with his wife. It is known blonde shows off their talents. Funny post immediately got many hits and rave reviews.

Couple Anna Lee and her lover – businessman Arthur is considered to be one of the strongest in the domestic show-business. The second half often share with fans touching photos and videos, which demonstrate the sincere feelings. But the relationship of this couple, many associated not with romance, but with humor. Probably, fault to all kind of jokes young adults: neither he nor she did not miss the opportunity to cheer each other, and along with his fans.

So, the chosen of the actress willingly shows followers funny moments associated with his wife. His microblogging has long been possible to call the second account of Anna, because the beauty appears in it, most of the men. For example, before Arthur has published another post with my wife. The video shows how a woman lights under the cheerful music in the image of a playful kitty. In addition, the blonde barely contained emotions, behind the scenes you can clearly hear the laughter of a businessman.

“Dear producers of the TV project “Dances” on TNT channel! Please pay already attention to my wife! I can’t take this forever! Mask already in the course went” – ironically signed a publishing man.

It turned out that not only the author of the entry experienced raptures of creativity Khilkevich. On posted post responded immediately and other users of the social network. They dance favorite definitely hit the spot. Some of the members even expressed his full confidence that the celebrities have long time to show themselves in TV shows.

“What a cool! I love you, Anya. You – an inexhaustible source of positive emotions and charge!”, “Great! Gil, you had a place in the team Miguel! Don’t you dare doubt!”, “Laugh all day over this movie! It was necessary so to invent. As they say, talented person is talented in everything”, “You are inimitable! And the husband at you – the guy, that’s it! This family is wonderful!”, “One can look at it forever!”, “Positive little family! A miracle!” commented followers publication idols.

However, not only laugh this strong family. Celebrity does not hide that the main thing in the relationship with your spouse is romantic. Arthur himself tries not to miss an opportunity to surprise her and tries as often as possible to indulge any girl. For example, one of these days births of the actress he managed to turn into a real fairy tale. This man made a huge number of flowers, champagne young mother and many other pleasant surprises. Later the star admitted that this evening he made her an offer of marriage. She has mentioned many times that I will never forget the touching moment. Khilkevich about the relationship with her husband: “there Are situations that knock us out of the way”