Shaquille O’neal plans to become a Sheriff in 2020

Шакил О’Нил планирует стать шерифом в 2020 году

Shaq for Sheriff! The famous American basketball player Shaquille O’neal said he plans to become Sheriff in 2020. In an interview with Atlanta NBC sporting legend admitted that the political career he does not think, but would like to fight for the justice and public safety.

“I would never run for mayor, but in 2020 I’m going to be Sheriff,” said Shaquille. O’neill is going to take office in Henry County, Georgia, where he now lives, or in orange County, in Orlando, where he also has a house.
Now he is not campaigning for himself, believes that he still has time to campaign in his support.
On the question of why he wanted to be Sheriff, Shaquille said that is committed to building a relationship of trust between the locals and the authorities.
“It’s not about politics. I want people closer to power, began to trust and respect her. I want to be the person who will contribute to that, to benefit society,” said Shakir, and added that he has to negotiate with people.
“I can wear a suit and hold a conversation with bill gates, and then to put the hood up and grind with the homies, regular guys, or to talk to the kids,” said basketball player. He never was a COP, but promised to make his team strong at the expense of specialists in their field.
“I know how to lead the team. I surround myself with smart people, the professionals who made the long journey to success. Together we will succeed,” said Shaquille.