Husband Natalia Vodianova took her on a romantic trip.

Муж Натальи Водяновой увез ее в романтическое путешествие.
The model is happy in Italy.

Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault

Photo: Instagram

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova went for a vacation to Italy together
with her beloved husband, Frenchman Antoine Arnault. She published a photo in Instagram and remembered them
first trip.

“Seven years ago we were here for our first romantic
weekend. We came back here again with two kids and more in love with each
friend,” wrote the model.

Vodianova and Arno really looks like their romance just started, and
they can’t keep their hands off each other. Recall the first time Antoine saw Natalya
in 2008, when she was married to a British Lord Justin Portman.
Arno then headed the communication Department of the fashion house Louis Vuitton and Vodianova
filmed for the advertising campaign of this brand.

“Natalia’t even remember, he told Antoine — And I saw her for the first time, and I
literally fell off the jaw. It is, of course, beautiful, but it is something
special — view the atmosphere. Around it hovers very special aura”.

Their romance began to spin rapidly. After a few months after
discover Arno told Natalia that she wants children. Vodianova was hesitating
she could not decide on such an important step.

“I already had three beautiful children — says Vodianova. —
So maybe younger I was more birth for him than for myself. If you
love the man, I try to give him as many children as it is

“When you have two and a half years suddenly reappears five children is
the most wonderful thing in the world, — said Antoine. — Not only our
Natalia children, but also her children. Now Natasha is a much more experienced mom,
than she was then, when she gave birth to the firstborn. And, it sounds a bit selfish,
but senior is so great to help us with the youngest!”