Катя Гордон назвала Земфиру бабушкой российского поп-рока
The journalist said that the musician made unflattering comments about Meetoct and Buckwheat due to the fact that ages.

Катя Гордон назвала Земфиру бабушкой российского поп-рока

Katya Gordon

Photo: Social networks


Photo: Social networks

Kate Gordon stood up for artists Buckwheat and Lisa Minutochku,
which Zemfira criticized so that now the rock fans with a sinking
heart waiting for an answer ramazanovoj. In his personal microblog, the journalist published
the message to the subscriber, which called Zemfira “grandmother of the Russian rock”. And it
was one of the mildest of the epithets, dubbed Gordon a Russian icon of pop-rock.

“Speak,” for shame… For colleagues to share
servile, on the machine, snobbish abomination spoken
“authority,” says Gordon. — Zemfira with a hangover, probably in anger
aging women, in the morning “had” two aspiring artists
young girls (and Buckwheat Minutochku). Audience gopnicheskaya consciousness
whatever is spoken by a significant artist seems talented, she giggles and repost,
writes: “Bravo-Bravo”. “A horrible voice and looks… not pretty…
disgusting voice,” said the grandmother of Russian pop-rock. Spoke
realizing their “power” and not even thinking it might break, make
hurt… Allow yourself whether Aguzarova or to discuss Pugachev arrived in Moscow
Zemfira in this format? But it was exactly like Buckwheat externally adjusted
“disgusting hair”. Frankly, as long as
it was not taught, to perceive the appearance ramazanovoj too much was difficult. Monetochka
and Buckwheat for sure mean something, and “Anechka asked to take off shirts”
many poets had heartburn… the Great are always generous. A “very well
ugly” teenager writes a not a critic of art, and the scared
popular new heroes, lost youth inspired artist”.

We will remind, last week the Network broke the scandal because of the
unflattering opinion Zemfira regarding the creativity of young performers Lisa
Moniecki and Buckwheat, which are rapidly gaining popularity. Before expressing an opinion, a legend
Russian rock became acquainted with the work of the singers. “I will Express the opinion, wrote
Zemfira in social networks. — Buckwheat — very bad. Horrible voice and looks.
Is difficult to perceive — not able to sing, the lyrics are not convinced, well, very ugly.
Monetochka — great lyrics ! Looks fine, unlike Buckwheat. But the voice
disgusting. Vocal timbre — the same instrument. If it is pleasant, you can sing
nonsense. Example: Zhanna Aguzarova. Good luck to both!”