Муж Ксении Бородиной рассказал о причинах конфликтов в семье Kurban Omarov called the lovers to quarrel on trifles. The spouse of the presenter, by analyzing a relationship with her, I came to the conclusion that the small claims, and arraignment is able to undermine the strong feelings. “After making a comment, you exalt yourself. Who is like?” – asks the man.

      The news that in relations of the famous TV presenter Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov not all is rosy, there was about a month ago. Star then openly admitted to “StarHit” that they are at odds because of what her husband forbids her to communicate with her son Omar, whom she had loved with all my heart.

      However, at the end of last week, all fans of this couple hope that Ksenia and Eid al still managed to survive a difficult period, and the conflict between them is settled. Husband Ksenia Borodina was intrigued by the family

      On the eve of Kurban Omarov shared his version of the causes of family dysfunction, published in the microblog great post-the argument about how the lovers run the risk of destroying the very strong feelings, picking on each other over little things. Husband Ksenia Borodina did not name any names, telling hashtag that it’s just his thoughts aloud. But it is logical to assume that a man analyzes his experience. Eid warns couples from a similar model of communication, when one of the spouses is to teach the other.

      “I met two people, standing, talking, smiling at each other. In their head, no negative thoughts, each of them sees in the other person a positive character, they begin to make friends. After some time one of them makes another observation: “the Right to speak turn around and not go…”. In General, there was a claim may, small and harmless, but it has the head of an opponent in some process… I’ve often thought about how sometimes two friends, two friends or a couple who were friends or loved slipping into a strong quarrels over small things. I think the answer is simple – the claim gives rise to a claim. If you have an opinion on someone, keep it to yourself. Sometimes spoke without thinking, you may inadvertently force the other to look for flaws in you. After making a comment, you praise yourself, who is like? Just look at it from my proposed point of view, maybe it will help someone,” wrote the husband of Ksenia Borodina.

      It should be noted that not all subscribers Kurban Omarov agree with his position. In the comments to his post they expressed their opinion on the outlined analysis of family relations.

      “While there are people ready to correct you, to tell you that is something to rejoice. Criticism should be seen OK, no offense” – believe ones. “Eid is right, silence is Golden, especially in the family. Smart woman removes salt from said man, leaving only the sugar. Men might like”, “Comment need to not be regarded as criticism or exalting someone above you. There is nothing wrong if a loved one something will correct you,” argue with them and other followers Omarova.

      Recall that the conflict in the star family lasted almost a month. In July Ksenia Borodina made a shocking confession that she’s going to divorce with her husband. The situation was aggravated by the fact that Omarova noticed on vacation in Barcelona with actress Nastassja Samburski.

      Kurban Omarov explained why meets Nastasya Samburski

      However, the pair denied a romantic relationship, emphasizing that the trip was purely business in nature.

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