Пиппа Миддлтон переплюнет сестру по масштабу свадьбы Friends of the family are convinced that the celebration is truly magnificent. And given the fact that Pippa Middleton will connect their lives with a millionaire, the occasion may bear a striking scale. Gossips are wondering whether to attempt sister royals to beat cousin.

      Пиппа Миддлтон переплюнет сестру по масштабу свадьбы

      A Sunny July morning 32-year-old Pippa went from belonging to her fiance, 40 – year-old financier James Matthews – house in Chelsea and moved his business through a gauntlet of paparazzi. She pretended not to notice people with cameras, but kept a hand with a wedding ring on top of the brown bag that the ornament was to be seen in every detail.

      Wish the happy bride to indirectly boast of the steepness of the groom can understand. Diamonds are step cut for every day on the street will not meet in any jewelry store can not buy. According to experts, despite the vintage design, the ring Pippa’s custom-made recently, worth more than 200 thousand pounds and in all respects superior to the Ceylon sapphire Princess Diana, which Prince William gave to Catherine.

      Cycle of love in nature

      It is no secret that Pippa quite a long time wanted to follow the example of Catherine and become a part of an aristocratic family, living in the “noble old money”. Perhaps that is why her affair with the Nouveau riche James Matthews in 2012 was short and unproductive. James came from a simple family — his grandfather worked in a coal mine in the North of England, and subsequently wealthy father started as a mechanic. Now mom and dad Matthews own ultrakorotkim and prestigious hotel complex Eden Rock on the Caribbean island of Saint barthélemy. They could give the eldest son a good education, but to buy him his career was not required. After Eton, James tears the parent’s neck and formed their own state in the field of investment funds.

      “He made himself, worked from early youth, say people who know him. – To forty years to roll out millions, it should be a great hard worker and have a very bright mind.”
      Пиппа Миддлтон переплюнет сестру по масштабу свадьбы

      Zabrakovat commoner James as a suitor, Pippa found him a good friend. She became a constant participant of charity sporting events, Matthews arranges the memory of the middle son, Michael, who died in the conquest of Everest in 1999. The team Pippa couldn’t wish for a better partner than James.

      “Both are passionate about sport, say friends of the couple. – Pippa crossed the Bosphorus, and climbed the Mont Blanc, have traveled by bike the whole of America. James in his youth was engaged in racing, and now prefers ski discipline.” They phoned, treated each other with Lunches, flew in the same company on holiday. And it is to him she ran October evening last year, to Express disappointment in the boyfriend banker Nico Jackson. Niko was all good until the second year of the novel left to lead the Bank in Switzerland. Initially Pippa was often in Geneva and studied French, expecting that here-here will get the offer to move in with him as his wife, but gradually hope faded, and the relationship went wrong.

      “Pippa offered to leave, thinking that Niko would fight for her – told her friends. But he agreed that the novel has outlived its usefulness. Pippa was heartbroken. For 32 years she built a career, not have got property, and to top it off lost the prospective groom. She was afraid to live a lonely life in the shadow of Duchess Kate, complained that she feels the same pressure, possessing neither the status nor privileges. And it scares her men.”

      James comforted Pippa all night. Not yet officially set aside Nico Jackson in their Switzerland was very hurt by photos of Pippa, leaving early in the morning from the house of another man with a dreamy smile and a huge bouquet of roses.


      Pippa and James celebrated the New year on the island of Saint-Barthelemy — had dinner and watched the fireworks at the hotel his parents, seemed at a party at Leonardo DiCaprio, and then went to a rented James luxury Villa, which is almost never left before departure.

      The lovers both liked living together, they decided to continue the experiment in London. Pippa practically moved in with James out of the house, which she shared with her brother.

      “At first he settled her Slippers and tooth brush, then clothes and the machine – say friends of the couple. James began to attach to the bedroom another bathroom and wardrobe. Even when she and Pippa were friends, he dreamed about a second chance. After receiving it, behaved like a peacock: all fluffed their feathers up to the sky to impress her”.

      Moving Pippa was officially finished in may, she was transported to James all his furniture. Matthews took this as a signal that it was time to propose. “First he went to Pippa’s parents – say close to family. James adheres to the traditions, it was important to get the blessing of her father”. This is a small problem. The James family Middleton had long known, loved, and approved of, but Pippa’s parents had alerted the lifestyle of his younger brother Spencer, stars of the reality show “Made in Chelsea”. Embarrassed is not even the fact that he is a slacker and a womanizer, allegedly enticed a thousand women, and the fact that his exploits were broadcast across the country. The Middletons believed that the Royal family does not tell them thank you for such a relative. Therefore, they blessed James to the engagement only on the condition that he’ll take a brother on a short leash and will keep away from the television.

      James knelt and offered Her to become his wife during a trip to the lake district — one of the most beautiful places in the UK, the famous landscape. Consent of the bride was received immediately. There is no doubt that next year’s marriage will compete with the splendor of the wedding of William and Kate. The mechanic son of James Matthews, who finally won the woman of your dreams, can afford it.

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