Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston refused to shoot season 2 of the “Night administrator”

Хью Лори и Том Хиддлстон отказались от съемок 2 сезона «Ночного администратора»

Shooting in the series for Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie were not a debut. Previously they would not have had the opportunity to shoot for the small screen, and it was, it should be said, very successfully.

However, when it was announced a new project with the participation of the famous British “Night administrator” — the fans were in anticipation of something Grand, though somewhat feared how Tom and Hugh will be able to cope with roles unusual for characters (Hiddleston played the undercover agent, Laurie – the arms dealer).

With the presentation of the first series it became clear that the mini-series “Night administrator” deserves special attention, because in it everything is beautiful — from the plot to the cast.

However, unfortunately, we don’t continue to wait.

In anticipation of the premiere of “Night administrator” in the U.S. Tom Hiddleston has officially declared that the continuation of the series would not be himself he would not return in the role of undercover agent Jonathan pine. His colleague on the sets supported and Hugh Laurie.

It should be noted that the series finale was left open, i.e., the further development of events may well be. Perhaps the actors are therefore just hint at the increase of the amount of their fees?

By the way, for the role of a former British soldier Jonathan pine, a hired employee of the intelligence service to spy on the syndicate arms dealer, Hiddleston received more than $ 26 million (i.e. $ 4.5 million per episode).

Critics suggest that, most likely, on the fees of the actors playing the main roles, was spent the lion’s share of the budget. But still these costs were justified.


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