Madonna has reconciled with his son

Мадонна помирилась с сыном

Heart Madonna out of chest with joy – she was finally reunited with his fifteen-year-old son Rocco, who since the end of December, lives with her father in London. While the American artist has traveled around the world with his world tour “Rabel heart”, in parallel she has been involved in litigation against her husband, British Director guy Ritchie, demanding him to return his son home. But the man sure fifteen – year-old young man to decide where and with whom to live. Because the court had not sent Rocco forcibly home to America, and called upon his famous parents to make peace, Madonna has Packed a suitcase and went to him in London.

Few hours mother and son were caught by paparazzi during Cycling. At a meeting with Madonna brought his father and stepmother Jacqui. Rocco was smiling and, apparently, was glad the meeting with his mother. How did you learn to journalists, with Madonna they went to the house where she was staying, and stayed there for a few hours. Then the young man went to ride a skateboard with their British friends, and his mother went (on the bike) for whatever their business.
We reported that Madonna is ready to bury the hatchet and sit down at the negotiating table with her ex-husband, whom she divorced in 2008 and practically did not communicate with the time. The first item on the conditions for the singer is to visit Rocco educational institutions. The guy is not too worried that his son skips school and the Madonna, in which a good education is the key to a successful life, very disappointed on this occasion. Insiders report that she is ready to personally led his son by the hand to school, if necessary. Knowing what crazy is an artist, her words to be taken literally.

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