Хью Джекман спас утопающих на пляже в Сиднее The actor has pulled out of the water several people, including his son. Hugh Jackman was a real hero not only on screen but also in life. Of the brave action star told in social networks eyewitnesses of incident.

      Хью Джекман спас утопающих на пляже в Сиднее

      The famous Hollywood handsome, 47-year-old actor Hugh Jackman was a brave man, not only on screen but in real life. A truly heroic act stars discuss the March this weekend users of social networks worldwide. On the beach in Sydney Hugh Jackman has pulled out of the water a few people caught in the sudden storm started. Unknown, as would have been the fate of these people, if at a critical moment next to them was a world celebrity.

      The actor along with 15-year-old son Oscar was swimming near the shore, when suddenly the water began to arrive, formed a strong current and everyone who was enjoying the water treatments, started to be pulled out to the open ocean. Like a real superhero, the star of the Saga about the Wolverines responded quickly to the situation and began to pull people from the water. Hugh Jackman saved by a strange girl, helped out of the water and the man pulled ashore began to sink his own son.

      “When we went into the water for 20 minutes before this, nothing foreshadowed danger. And then suddenly raised up huge waves. Hugh quietly helped people and walked with them to the Bank”, — quotes the edition the Guardian eyewitness of the incident on a Sydney beach. After a few minutes on the beach the rescue team arrived and finished the job by the actor work of saving swimmers.

      People resting in this moment near Jackman, probably recognized him as a star of world cinema. They immediately pulled out their cameras and began to film the events, and then with admiration spoke about the act of the actor in social networks, the posts with shots filmed. Thanks to them, a feat Jackman became known to the public. Himself Hugh because of his natural modesty about the incident is silent, apparently believing that he had committed nothing outstanding.

      It is worth noting that Hugh Jackman was on the beach by some miracle. The actor, as you know, skin cancer and doctors advised him not to go out in the sun. Just a month ago the famous actor told fans about the relapse of the disease and urged fans to be more careful about their health and not to expose the skin to sunlight.

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